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Snowmobile Protective Gear Basics | Base layers

Snowmobiling is a lot of fun no matter which part of the sport you choose to do.  You could be a hard core racer that races all season or you could be the weekend warrior that likes to go ride with buddies and explore the snowy wilderness.  Snowmobiling offers many different ways one can have fun, but there is also many ways to be injured riding your snowmobile.  This is why it is important to have the right snowmobile protective gear when you ride.  Here at BTOSports, we want you to be safe out on your snowmobile and to ride another day.  This is why we offer many different types of protective gear for you to keep yourself safe. For this installment of snow gear basics, we will talk about keeping you warm out in the cold.


First, you need to dress correctly for the conditions.  The most important protective gear is clothing to keep you warm and dry as you ride through the winter.  You want to dress in layers, starting with a good thermal undergarment, usually called a “base layer.”  A base layer helps insulate your body by trapping your body heat, thus keeping you warm.  Another crucial aspect of a base layer is the moister wicking capabilities, pulling sweat away from your body so you are not in danger of hypothermia.  The HMK Base Layer is a great full body base layer kit that works well if you want full body coverage.  If you want just a top base layer, the MSR Base Layer LS and the Klim Summit Tech Tee are perfect for keeping you protected from the elements.


MSR Base Layer and Klim Summit Tech shirts


On top of that a good fleece jacket with a waterproof shell, ski pants or a bib system is the next layer of protection from the elements.  Fleece jackets are usually light and retain body heat. The HMK Voyager jacket is a good example of a jacket that has a waterproof outer shell and a fleece inner to keep you warm.  No matter what jacket you choose,  make sure the one you ride with fits well and is not obstructive to your riding.  If it is too tight or loose,  it can compromise the ability to control your snowmobile safely.


HMK Voyager jacket is a great snowmobile jacket that will protect you from the cold and keep you dry.


The next installment of Snow Gear, we will look at helmets and what to look for when buying a helmet. No matter what protective gear you choose, make sure it is of quality construction and it fits you well.  Nothing will protect you if your protective gear does not fit well.  Spend the extra money on quality gear and it will last you for 3-4 season.  To build up your protective gear wish list, head over to the store and pick out the gear for your winter season.

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