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Snowbiking | Moto Meets Snow.

Snowbiking w/ Ronnie Renner? Buckle Up.

Just when you think you think you have all the moto possibilities under control- they come out with snowbiking! Boy, this looks fun! Enjoy the write-up below, detailing Ronnie Renner and the boys tearing up Idaho. In winter! You’ll soon want to be snowbiking too.

Now, are you ready for some snowbiking? Enjoy:

Sending it

Snowbike pros Brock Hoyer & Reagan Sieg pioneer the Idaho backcountry. With freerider Ronnie Renner.    –By Eric Shirk

The progression of sport. No matter what the discipline, it takes a special variety of athlete to push a sport to places once thought impossible. However, in today’s world, most sports have stood the test of time… And are becoming increasingly harder to bring to new heights. But what if this wasn’t the case? What if there was a sport that provided a clean slate for innovation? In such a scenario, how far could an athlete really go? Welcome to the world of snowbiking.

Ronnie Renner has established himself as something of a renegade in the world of motocross — he does not want to go where everyone else has been. Renner’s everpresent desire for exploration is what brought him out to no man’s land in the mountains of Idaho.

Ronnie Renner: My buddies Reagan Sieg and Brock Hoyer are my [Timbersled] teammates and absolutely shred in the mountains, so this year it was obvious that we had to step up our game from the previous video. We all agreed that we needed to get deeper into the backcountry and start taking more chances.

[Brock and Reagan] are the two best snowbike riders in the world, hands down.
-Ronnie Renner

Renner: Riding with these guys is a humbling experience. I was able to get a few days in with them last year and realize I am way behind on my mountain knowledge. In my opinion, these guys are the two best snowbike riders in the world, hands down. Reagan and I go way back — we used to travel around the world doing freestyle demos together so we obviously get along really well. Besides, I’ve never met a Canadian that I don’t like!

Fresh tracks in Idaho

Renner admittedly struggled in his first days in the Idaho backcountry, having never touched the snow on anything with a motor.

Renner: The snow has a mind of its own! Being that I am from Florida and live in Southern California, and the fact that I rarely go snowboarding or skiing, I just don’t know anything about the snow. Ultimately, I would say that it’s just like every other snow sport and the more powder the better. But, when it’s got a crunchy frozen layer on top and you’re just learning to ride, it can definitely be tricky.

When I heard the direction that the producers wanted to take this, like big mountain bowls and chutes, I was definitely nervous
-Ronnie Renner

The adventure was not without its hiccups — with this being a snowbike’s first foray into the wild unknown of the Idaho backcountry, Renner, Sieg and Hoyer were all unsure of exactly what was ahead.

Renner: When I heard the direction that the producers wanted to take this, like big mountain bowls and chutes, I was definitely nervous, but once I got on the bike and kind of followed the other guys’ lead, my confidence gained with every crack of the throttle.

These things are nearly bulletproof; Timbersled’s R&D is second to none and my KTM is a beast, so it’s like the perfect match up.
-Ronnie Renner

Since its first production year in 2010, Timbersled and a few smaller similar outfits have made it possible for riders like Renner, Sieg and Hoyer to take seemingly normal motocross bikes, and turn them into these innovative snow machines. What is the first step to making this possible? Take those wheels and pitch them to the back of the garage. They won’t be needed here.

The rear wheel is replaced with a hard density track, and the front wheel replaced with a 10-inch wide ski. The 120-inch long, 10.5-inch wide track is designed with a convex shape, and each paddle is longer in the center and shorter on the sides, which gives it the feel of a dirtbike tire. Also, the track comes equipped with three position long-arm suspension that allows a rider to switch between three different suspension settings as trail conditions change, potentially a critical tool to have when riding in the ever-so-unpredictable backcountry.

Check out the full video of the action right here:

So how far could riders like Renner, Hoyer and Sieg take this newfound sport? With virgin tracks comes no limits. The movement has begun.

Renner: The amazing part is that it’s like a whole new clean slate and better yet every year when you go back to the same zone, it shapes up a little bit different. I’m so psyched to get a lot more adventures in. The possibilities are endless, from jumps and drops in the back country to man-made freestyle hits with tricks to even racing, the sky is definitely the limit.

Brock Hoyer rips a wheelie on his snowbike
These guys know snowbiking…
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