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Troy Lee Designs Spring ’18 Release | Product Spotlight

Troy Lee Designs - Spring 18 Collection

Troy Lee Designs – Spring 18 Collection

  • SE4 Carbon Metric Helmet
  • SE4 Composite Metric Helmet
  • SE4 Polyacrylite Helmet
  • Spring 18 Jerseys
  • Spring 18 Pants

The Spring 18 Collection from Troy Lee Designs is finally here! We saw Cole Seely, Sean Cantrell and the rest of the TLD team teasing all the new gear during the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross season. Now amateur riders can finally rock all of this gear for themselves! This lineup is a follow-up to last years’ successful ‘UNLOCK’ concept, that allowed you to mix & match different gear sets to come up with your own personal look. It is especially handy if you wanted to have a few different looks on rotation (or too lazy to do laundry). There is truly something for everyone in the Spring 18 release!

Troy Lee Spring 18 Helmets

Let’s start from the top, with some brand new Troy Lee Design Helmets. This release didn’t go as heavy on helmets compared to more recent releases, but make up for it in quality. For those unfamiliar with Troy Lee Designs SE4 helmets, they use three different shell types: carbon, composite and polyacrylite.  Each shell has it’s own characteristics (and price) that you should consider before making a selection. Granted, it’s hard to go wrong on any Troy Lee Designs Helmet.

Troy Lee Designs - SE4 Carbon Metric
Troy Lee Designs – SE4 Carbon Metric


SE4 Carbon Metric

The SE4 Carbon Metric is their premier helmet for the Spring 18 release. You may have already seen some of the pros using it. This Troy Lee dirt bike helmet is lightweight and completely optimized for racing. The carbon fiber shell cuts down a lot of the weight (2.92 lbs) without sacrificing the structural integrity to keep you protected. Speaking of protection, this moto helmet is equipped with MIPS brain protection system.  It’s got 20 intake ports and a moisture wicking liner to keep you nice and cool while you work up a sweat. The 2018 Troy Lee Designs SE4 Carbon Metric Helmet can be yours for $650.00!

Troy Lee Designs - SE4 Composite Metric
Troy Lee Designs – SE4 Composite Metric

SE4 Composite Metric

Maybe the Carbon is out of your price range, but you still want a TLD helmet? Then the Troy Lee Designs SE4 Composite Metric is a perfect choice. This one has a ‘composite’ shell, which is comprised of carbon fiber and fiberglass. The unique shell provides excellent protection against impacts & abrasions and features the MIPS protection system. Really, the only difference between the carbon model and the composite is the weight. The composite is just a bit heavier than the carbon, weighing in at 3.14 lbs. This dirt bike helmet features many of the same perks as the carbon model, for $200 bucks cheaper. The SE4 Composite Metric an excellent compromise between optimization and price.

Troy Lee Designs - SE4 Polyacrylite Factory
Troy Lee Designs – SE4 Polyacrylite Factory

SE4 Polyacrylite Factory

Cheaper still is the Troy Lee Designs SE4 Polyacrylite Factory Helmet at $250.00 . As the name implies, this off-road helmet utilizes the ‘Polyacrylite’ shell. Troy Lee introduced this helmet for those who don’t want to shell out tons of money but still want TLD quality protection; perfect for the weekend warrior. It still has MIPS protections, tons of ventilation, and is DOT/ECE certified. The Factory helmet was released back in 2017, but the orange colorway is new for this season!

Troy Lee Designs - GP Air Bolt Jersey
Troy Lee Designs – GP Air Bolt Jersey


Spring 18 Jerseys

The new TLD dirt bike jersey collection strikes a balance between flashy designs and conservative styles. As I mentioned earlier, riders are encouraged to mix & match the jerseys and pants in any way they want. All the different jersey share similar colors to make it easy to pair up with riding pants. I will also briefly mention the Metric and Star gear combos and are broken down in the SE Air Metric Spotlight and GP Star LE Spotlight  blogs respectively.

Troy Lee Designs - GP Air Raceshop Jersey
Troy Lee Designs – GP Air Raceshop Jersey


The Troy Lee Designs GP Jerseylines has become a standard across the industry, especially the GP Air models. New to 2018 is the GP Air Bolt Jersey and the GP Air Raceshop Jersey ($38.00 each). These moto jerseys are super perfect for those hot days summer days. They are made from a special polyester mesh that puts an emphasis on breathability and versatility. The lightweight material has unparalleled ventilation and excellent moisture wicking properties that will keep you fresh til the finish. The Raceshop has a retro look & feel thanks to the block text and checker flag pattern.

Troy Lee Designs - GP Raceshop Jersey
Troy Lee Designs – GP Raceshop Jersey


If mesh really isn’t your thing, or you’re looking for something with a little more insulation, then consider the Troy Lee Designs GP Raceshop Jersey. This off-road jersey is a carbon copy of the ‘Air’ version, just with a thicker material and different color options. Another great option is the SE Air Shadow Jersey at $65.00. Riders may be familiar with this design based on last years SE Air concept. This version is colored black and white and has forgone the mesh ventilation.

Troy Lee Designs - SE Shadow Jersey & Pant Combo
Troy Lee Designs – SE Shadow Jersey & Pant Combo

Spring 18 Pants

The only pants in 2018 that match a single jersey are the Troy Lee Designs SE Shadow pants ($175.00). They are trending away from this concept so riders can wear something unique, rather than looking like every other rider out there. The Troy Lee Designs GP Air Mono pants received 2 new colors, white and ocean. Additionally, the GP Mono Pants only received a single gray colorway.  Aside from the new colors, these pants remain unchanged. Both pants are made from heavy-duty polyester that holds up pretty well to rips and abrasions. Both feature the leather knee panel and ratchet closure waist system.

Troy Lee Designs - Spring 18 Moto Pants
Troy Lee Designs – Spring 18 Moto Pants

Make sure to check out the entire Spring 18 Collection from Troy Lee Designs. We have one of the biggest TLD catalogs on the web, as well as many other top brands. BTO Sports is your #1 source for all the newest racewear.

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