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Supersprox Motorcycle Sprockets | Product Spotlight

supersprox sprockets product spotlight

Supersprox Sprockets

Supersprox is the largest manufacturer of sprockets on the European continent, and gaining traction around the world. Since their founding in 1959, Supersprox rear sprockets have been fitted onto 63 world champions’ bikes, including six in 2014 and seven in 2015. Supersprox sprockets are guaranteed to outlast, outperform, and outshine the competition!

Rear Sprockets


The Stealth sprocket was invented & patented by Supersprox. The Stealth design remains their most popular product to date. This revolutionary sprocket is comprised of a steel outer-rung and an aluminum inner core, giving you the best of both worlds. The steel teeth make this sprocket extremely resistant to wear, lasting 3 times longer than aluminum models according to Supersprox. Similarly, the 7075 aluminum alloy core is strong in its own right. This material reduces the weight to 25-50% than a steel model (depending on tooth count).  Priced at $97.95, The Supersprox Stealth Rear Sprockets are the most bang for your buck!

supersprox stealth rear sprockets
Supersprox – Stealth Sprockets


Supersprox Aluminum Sprockets
Supersprox Aluminum Sprockets

The Supersprox Aluminum Rear Sprockets are made from 7075-T651 Aerospace aluminum, the strongest commercial grade out there. As a result, the combination of strength and speed make this one popular among racers. This is the absolute lightest design from Supersprox, and perfect if you’re looking to shave weight off your bike. However, it will wear faster than the steel and Stealth models.


This is your standard, no hassle, straight-to-the-point steel rear sprocket.  The CAD design reduces the sprocket weight to its absolute minimum without sacrificing structural integrity. However, this is still the heaviest option of the three Superprox rear sprockets, due to the 1050-88 steel composition. What they lack in optimization, they make up for in durability. The teeth on the Supersprox Steel Rear Sprocket will last up to three times longer than aluminum and are resistant to rust.

stealth rear sprocket blue
Supersprox – Stealth Sprocket on Yamaha WR450F


The Supersprox countershaft sprocket is made from SCM-435 steel, making it virtually indestructible.  The CNC machining provides a perfect fit and smooth chain rotation. Additionally, the teeth are recessed to minimize rotational mass and reduce drag. Gear up with a new Supersprox countershaft, or better yet, get the entire Supersprox sprocket combo (includes countershaft, rear & chain)!

Rear sprocket, Countershaft & Chain Combo
Supersprox – Rear Sprocket, Countershaft & Chain Combo

Supersprox sprockets have been around for awhile now, but are a brand new addition to the BTO shop!  Lastly, check out for all the best deals on dirt bike parts and accessories. It’s not sprocket science, people!

Corey Wright
I'm Corey, ever since I was little I loved bicycles. My first first bike was a mongoose and I took that thing everywhere. I would race the neighbor kids and always won, good times. Being older now my love of riding hasn't changed. I have shifted more into mountain biking though. Nothing too intense. I am in it for a nice ride and the scenery these days,

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