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Kelana Humphrey "One of One"  

Bleach Design Werks | 1 of 1

‘Deus Ex Machina’ Bleach Design Werks head Mikey Ojeda and Gas Productions teamed up to create an epic short film. The film is created around the bike built by Bleach Design Werks, ‘Deus Ex Machina’. The film title “One of One” refers to this unique bike build that is one of a kind. Bleach Design…
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By James Day on January 29, 2020


100% Spring 2019 Gear | MTB

The 100% Spring 2019 Collection Makes A Bold Statement. Everyone seems to be looking for some new mountain bike threads this time of year. To that end, the 100% Spring 2019 Collection is here! Moreover, it’s an impressive style and ride design. Let’s delve into what makes this new MTB and BMX riding gear so…
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By Chris Leahy on March 28, 2019


100% Fall 2019 Goggle Collection

New Moto Collection from 100% The Fall riding season is just around the corner. This means for us here in the Western part of the United States the temperature starts to get cooler and riding season is upon us!  Don’t go into this year’s riding season without a fresh pair of new goggles. 100% has…
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By Chris "Doc" Weedon on August 31, 2018


100% Speedcraft Sunglasses | Product Spotlight

Introducing the 100% Speedcraft Sunglasses. The future of performance eyewear is here! And none too soon. The 100% Speedcraft Sunglasses are redefining the very meaning of performance. And we here at BTO Sports are ready to get them to you!   The Speedcraft is designed to elevate your performance to the next level without compromising…
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By Chris Leahy on April 5, 2018


100% Racecraft Plus Goggle | Product Spotlight

The Racecraft Plus Goggle is Here. That’s right, the latest creation from the good people over at 100% is here at BTO Sports… the Racecraft Plus Goggle. They’ve taken their most popular model and given it a few extra bells and whistles. There are all sorts of new goodies in these dirt bike goggles! Not the…
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By Chris Leahy on January 9, 2018


100% Goggles | Product Spotlight

httpv://youtu.be/eyqIYxqhxbQ   Check out this video of the latest goggles on the market today from 100%.  The newest player in the highly competitive goggle market, 100% definitely set out to produce a high-end, premium product.   Be sure to visit BTO Sports today and grab your 100% goggles today.  They are our ‘go-to’ goggles for…
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By Chris "Doc" Weedon on July 5, 2016

100% MTB life Nicolas Vouilloz | MTB Video

100% MTB rider Nicolas Vouilloz rides all out

Nicolas Vouilloz – 100% MTB life from 100% on Vimeo.


Check out this video of 100% MTB rider Nicolas Vouilloz  demonstrating in Provence some of the skills that took him to 10 DH World Champion titles. Having now turned his attention to enduro racing, he’s still as fast and as stylish as ever, and a frequent visitor to the podiums to boot. With the 100% brand goggles just being introduced to the MTB world at this year’s Interbike 2012, look for 100% to take the bicycle world by storm!


About 100%:

The 100% brand has always been synonymous with motocross Americana and has been linked to many iconic moments that have built the roots and history of what is modern motocross. The roots of the 100% brand date back to the early 1980’s when the popular logo graced the factory racing equipment of the biggest names in motocross.


Be sure to visit BTO Sports and grab yourself a set of 100% goggles for your next MTB ride or motocross session.