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Supercross 2020 Anaheim 2 Race Recap  

Anaheim 2 SX 2020 | Race Recap

  Anaheim 2 – No A1 Sauce Please Welcome to the BTO Sports Garage, your one stop shop for moto news, updates, and insider information. We can all agree, Anaheim 2 was better racing than A1. From track difficulty, dirt characteristics, to battles on the track, A2 proved to be the better of the two…
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By James Day on January 29, 2020


The Science of Supercross | Evolution of Jumps

Supercross. It’s All About The Jumps. Supercross is just plain bigger today, and so to are the jumps! As the dirt bikes got lighter and faster, the tracks expanded to accommodate their capabilities. Translation? MONSTER jumps! It’s a fact, and the video below takes you through this jump evolution. Strap on the dirt bike helmet,…
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By Chris Leahy on March 29, 2017