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Supercross 2020 Anaheim 2 Race Recap  

Anaheim 2 SX 2020 | Race Recap

  Anaheim 2 – No A1 Sauce Please Welcome to the BTO Sports Garage, your one stop shop for moto news, updates, and insider information. We can all agree, Anaheim 2 was better racing than A1. From track difficulty, dirt characteristics, to battles on the track, A2 proved to be the better of the two…
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By James Day on January 29, 2020


Motocross Tire Buyer’s Guide Pt.1

Choosing tires for a dirt bike is much different than choosing tires for your car. Getting the right dirt bike tires for the right conditions is critical to enjoying your ride. Multiple factors determine what the “right tire” would be, including personal preference, riding style, terrain, and overall goals. Here’s some (we think) good advice…
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By Trevor Edwards on June 21, 2019

Leatt Gear Combos 2019  

Leatt Motocross Gear 2019 | Product Spotlight

Leatt Unleashes All-New Gear Combos Overview of 2019 Leatt Motocross Gear Line Gear for Adult and Junior Riders As 2019 approaches, so do new product releases from the industry.  Nevertheless, the anticipation is over. Leatt has unleashed their new motocross gear and as usual, they have exceeded all expectations. The vibrant colors and precision fit…
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By Kristina DeStefano on October 11, 2018


RinseKit Portable Shower | Spotlight

Rinse Off Anywhere You Go Chris Crawford grew tired of showing up to shifts smelling like sand & sea salt from his sunrise surf sessions. Gravity fed showers weren’t the answer, so he sought out his own solution. With a bit of ingenuity, Chris invented the RinseKit, a pressurized and portable shower! You may recognize…
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By Corey Wright on August 21, 2017

How To : Setting Your Sag  

How To : Setting Your Sag

Dirt Bike Suspension | Setting Your Sag No matter how great a dirt bike and its suspension is, it won’t give you great performance if don’t know how it works, understand how to adjust it, or keep it well maintained. Getting your suspension right can be slightly tricky, even if you’ve been riding for a…
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By Nick Bedrad on March 15, 2017


Racer X Films: 2017 Kawasaki KX250F

Speed Galore w/The Kawasaki KX250F Especially if you trick this puppy out! And when Racer X Films went to work on a stock Kawasaki KX250F, the results were beyond impressive. Talk about a dirt bike! All the bells and whistles went into the bike, giving us all a prime look at the possibilities when you…
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By Chris Leahy on March 9, 2017