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FXR Pilot MX Goggle | Spotlight

The FXR Pilot MX Goggle Brings Clarity to Your MX Situation. It’s no secret in motocross circles that FXR is a company on the rise. Great looking dirt bike gear at a very competitive price point is gaining them a reputation among riders all over the globe. And with their new Pilot MX Goggle, their…
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By Chris Leahy on May 30, 2019


FXR Core MX Goggle | Product Spotlight

Improve Your View in the FXR Core MX Goggle… As we all know, there are many motocross goggles on the market today. Yet as you’ll learn in this product spotlight, the FXR Core MX Goggle is a great match of style, price and function. It’s little wonder how this company has stormed onto the scene…
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By Chris Leahy on January 31, 2019


FXR Revo MX Gear | Product Spotlight

Introducing the Incredible FXR Revo MX Gear! The motocross world always loves a new brand and the excitement that comes from a fresh perspective. And FXR is showing that they bring a lot to the table with their initial wave of MX apparel! The new FXR Revo MX Gear Combo, for example, brings precision tailoring…
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By Chris Leahy on December 15, 2018

FXR company spotlight picture  

FXR Racing | Company Spotlight

Davids and Goliaths – An Industry of Giants The heavy hitters of the North American motorcycle gear industry have long stood on the forefront of the whos-who in what gear most consumers had to buy.  Fox in 1974, Axo in 1978, Troy Lee Designs in 1981, all rooted themselves as pioneers in the boom of…
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By Blake Ramsey on February 1, 2019