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Snowmobile Dream: Polaris Introduces 2016 IQ Race Sled

*2016 Polaris® IQ® Race Sled Features Walker Evans Shock Package That Has Won Titles & Gives Racers Outstanding Adjustability*   Polaris snowmobile racers head into the season with optimism and confidence fueled by the proven, winning 2016 Polaris IQ® Race Sled. Polaris racers will enjoy the greatest range of ride and handling adjustability ever from…
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By Chris Leahy on October 1, 2015


Polaris Announces 2014/2015 Snowmobile Racing Program

Hello all you snowmobiling maniacs out there! Been practicing? Ready to take your skills on to the track? Well, Polaris has announced their 2014/15 racing program details, so here is your chance! All the best riders had to start somewhere, and many got their chance through Polaris. They’ve been great sponsors of all things snocross…
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By Chris Leahy on April 17, 2014