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Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet | Product Spotlight

 Next Generation Off-Road Helmet Klim is known in the off-road world for the best gear on the market. Their helmets are top of the line when it comes to protection and comfort.  They have made an even better helmet better, with the  F5 series Koroyd Helmets, are here at BTOSports.com! Built on the already proven…
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By Corey Wright on February 23, 2018

Scott 2018 goggle spotlight  

Scott 2018 Googles | Product Spotlight

Scott Goggles for the New Year Here at BTOSports.com, we have recently updated our catalog with the new  Scott 2018 Goggles, which include additions to the Hustle, Recoil, and Split lines of goggles. All of which come in multiple styles and colors to fit your specific need ranging from extreme weather to goggles meant to…
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By Corey Wright on January 18, 2018

Seven MX Zero Flite Gear Combo  

Product Spotlight: Seven MX Zero Flite Gear Combo

Seven MX “Redefining The Limits” Seven MX has pushed the limits of how motocross gear should fit, feel, and perform. They have set the precedent for others to follow by “Redefining The Limits”, and with this new 2018 Seven MX Zero Flite Gear they have done exactly that…again! If you are looking for elite motocross…
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By Nick Bedrad on November 16, 2017

Alpinestars Tech 5  

Alpinestars Tech 5 | Product Spotlight

Why Choose Alpinestars Over The Rest? Alpinestars are one of the  highest demanded motocross boots on the market. With highly innovative designs, technology, and protective features they are able to meet the demands of almost every rider. Alpinestars has a reputation as one of the best motocross boot brands on the market which makes them one…
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By Nick Bedrad on October 10, 2017

Fox Racing Preme Jersey and Pants 2018  

2018 Fox Racing Preme Gear | Spotlight

Fox Racing Preme Gear The long awaited 2018 Fox Racing gear set is one of the most ambitious product lines of this season. It’s an absolutely massive release, packed with a wide range of gear to outfit riders from head to toe. Seriously, there is so much racewear, casual apparel, and protection that it can…
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By Corey Wright on March 16, 2018


2018 O’Neal MX Collection | Spotlight

In the early days of off-road racing, it was obvious that riders needed better gear that could endure some wear & tear. Jim O’Neal jumped at the opportunity, and founded his company in 1970. O’Neal has been making high quality motocross gear for almost 50 years, and aren’t about to pump the brakes.  In fact,…
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By Corey Wright on July 12, 2017

Zox Matrix Carbon Abyss Helmet Product Spotlight  

Zox Matrix Carbon Helmet | Product Spotlight

Zox Martix Carbon Abyss Helmet | Product Spotlight The All New Zox Matrix Carbon Abyss Helmet is finally here at BTO.  Are you looking for a top quality helmet to protect your cranium without breaking the bank? Well check out this dirt bike helmet from Zox! The Zox Matrix Carbon Abyss helmet is designed to be…
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By Nick Bedrad on January 17, 2017