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Thor MX 2020 | Spotlight

Prime Pro Gear Pulse Gear Sector Gear Sector Split Helmet   Summer is here! Which means hotter weather, longer days and good times. Wanna know what else that means? New 2020 motocross gear! New styles, features and refinements from last year means that all the latest and greatest products are about to roll out. Thor…
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By Trevor Edwards on July 26, 2019


Prime Pro Apollo Gear | Spotlight

Bold Colors Adorn the Prime Pro Apollo Gear from Thor MX. As the calendar flips to the warmer months, motocross companies are releasing some exciting new dirt bike riding gear. And thus far, nothing comes close to the brash color and design of the Thor MX Prime Pro Apollo Gear! Just one look and we…
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By Chris Leahy on March 12, 2019


Radial MX Boot | Product Spotlight

The All-New Radial MX Boot Blends Performance & Value. Today’s product spotlight is our favorite kind… the kind that meshes quality and value. The Radial MX Boot from Thor brings a modern look, dazzling colors and professional-grade technology to a boot with a value-based price point. And here in 2019- we demand all of the…
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By Chris Leahy on February 7, 2019


Pulse Savage Big Kat Gear | Spotlight

Thor MX Keeps the Hits Comin’ with the Pulse Savage Big Kat MX Gear! Looking for a bold new motocross look? Then the new Pulse Savage Big Kat Gear from Thor MX may be exactly what you’re looking for. With dazzling colors and the famed Thor MX tailoring, these motocross gear combos are the cat’s…
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By Chris Leahy on January 25, 2019


Thor Sector Bomber MIPS Helmet | Product Spotlight

Protect Yourself Big-Time with the Sector Bomber MIPS Helmet! Thor MX is determined to make some noise in 2019! Because with their new Sector Bomber MIPS Helmet, prime safety meets affordability. That’s right- MIPS technology is now in a helmet that’s well under $200. And that news is truly reverberating around the motocross community. First,…
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By Chris Leahy on January 10, 2019


Thor MX | Spring 2019 Spotlight

Spring brings more than just showers and flowers It’s that time of year again. The holidays have brought a couple extra pounds for some, others a few more gift cards in their wallet or an anxiousness looking forward to the coming new year. It’s a time where the hustle and bustle of the holiday parties…
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By Blake Ramsey on February 1, 2019


Prime Pro Floral Gear | Product Spotlight

Thor MX Goes Prime Pro Floral for 2019… And It’s Magnificent. Avid motocross riders are always looking for the gear that stands out in a crowd. Something to separate us from the pack. Thor MX is always pushing that envelope. And with their new 2019 Prime Pro Floral Jersey, Pant Combo -they’ve really created something…
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By Chris Leahy on December 27, 2018


Thor MX Sector Gear | Product Spotlight

The 2019 Thor MX Sector Gear is “Santa Approved”! With the holiday bearing down on us, the pressure is on to get the perfect MX gifts. But with the 2019 Thor MX Sector Shear Combo in stock and available here at BTO Sports- your holiday worries are over! Once you get the lowdown on this…
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By Chris Leahy on December 13, 2018


Thor Terrain Jacket | Product Spotlight

The Thor Terrain Jacket Is Ready For Any Adventure. Today we shine the Product Spotlight on the new Thor Terrain Jacket. No matter what kind of motorcycle riding you do, this jacket will suit your purposes! Built with Thor tech, materials and style- this is a prime addition to any moto fanatic. The Thor Off-Road…
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By Chris Leahy on August 29, 2018


Thor Blitz Boots | Product Spotlight

Thor Blitz Boots Are MX Show Stoppers! As we all know, Thor MX is a motocross giant. Their motocross apparel is legendary. Naturally, their flagship Thor Blitz Boots set the bar high as well! So today we’re going to shine the spotlight on them and give you a look at one of MX’s great value…
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By Chris Leahy on July 25, 2018