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Talon Sprocket Combos | Product Spotlight

Chainwheels for All

This racing season, why not treat your bike to some fresh parts?  When it comes to manufacturing high quality performance parts for Motocross, Talon is one of the industry leaders.  Their line of sprockets, both front and rear, are works of art and hold up to the heavy demands of modern day 4-stoke motorcycles. Talon has been around for more than 20 years, pushing the boundaries of innovation to provide riders with the highest quality product in the industry. Heavy research and development from Talon has produced a set of sprockets for any race bike, especially yours.

Talon Groovelite Sprocket Combo | Price: Starting at $106.85 Click here

Talon sprockets are designed to be the most high performance sprockets you can buy for your bike.  Their latest rear sprocket, the Groovelite, feature  self-cleaning grooves to remove debris and mud while riding.  This means you will have less rotating mass on your rear wheel. Made and machined from high grade aluminum alloy, the Groovelite sprockets are some of the strongest sprockets on the market today.  What I find cool about the Talon Groovelite rear sprockets is the array of colors they come in to match any bike; Orange,Red,Blue, Gold, Magnesium,Silver and Black. The Groovelite sprocket gives your bike that “Factory” look without having to spend factory prices.

Combine the Groovelite rear sprocket with Talon’s exceptional Groovelite front sprocket for the ultimate sprocket combination. Nothing has been overlooked on the front sprocket, as the same level of precision that goes into their rear sprocket is put into the Groovelite front sprocket. This means you will be putting the power to the ground and winning against the competition.

When you purchase new sprockets,it is recommended that you also buy a new chain.  Using an old chain will shorten the life of the new sprockets.  Always be sure to buy a good quality chain with your Talon sprockets.  BTO Sports has many high quality chains available, from DID, RK, and Renthal.  Just remember, new sprockets = new chain.

We have simplified your buying experience with our Talon combo kits, where you can choose the sprockets and chain on one page!


Check out this cool video showing the Talon factory and how their products are made.

Don’t neglect your bike this Racing season. Get that “Factory” look and show your bike that you care with a new set of sprockets from Talon available at BTO Sports!

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