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TCX Boots for Adventure Motorcycle

TCX Puts The Focus On Boots.

When you think Adventure motorcycle riding, you think of long trips. You want safety in your equipment and adventure riding gear. However, you need comfort too! This is especially true of street helmets and street boots. And nobody knows this as well as TCX.

The more you look at the technology behind these great ADV Boots, the faster you will want a pair for yourself! Let us give you a deeper inspection of their adventure boots making processes. We think you’ll be as impressed with these Touring Boots as we are. TCX is going to ‘wow’ you for sure!

T. C. S. Torsion Control System

The Torsion Control System® allows lateral and longitudinal movement of the ankle within its physiological limits. While preventing excessive torsion and the risk of joint fracture. The CARBON TECH Torsion Control System® is an evolution of the T.C.S.® system featuring the introduction of carbon fiber. This is critical when considering new adventure boots or touring boots.

TCX has created a long list of benefits with this system! Its main advantages are a reduction in the overall weight of the boot, greater mechanical control of the ankle and leg and improved resistance in the event of impact. The new upper joint also improves TCX Street boot flexibility. Furthermore, it increases shin and calf protection and ensures more precise control of lateral and longitudinal ankle movement. With these advances, it’s baffling that people still consider closeout motorcycle boots. Go with the security that comes with TCX Touring Boots!

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