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Tech 10 Indy LE Boots | Spotlight


Ramp It Up with the Tech 10 Indy LE Boots!

Let’s talk motocross boots, shall we? Specifically, let’s talk about improving your own motocross boots this year. and if you’re looking for a true style upgrade to go with your performance upgrade, then look no further than the brand new Tech 10 Indy LE Boots. These boots are smokin’! Furthermore, they are a limited run. So we have to act with alacrity.

First off, these are Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots. So the reputation for quality precedes them. But the colors of these Indy LE Boots are truly like nothing we’ve seen before from Alpinestars. Or anyone else for that matter! With eye-popping color and the top-grade construction to boot (no pun intended), this is the MX footwear you’ve been waiting for.

Indianapolis is the home of US racing. And in recognition of the city’s prominent role in motor sports, Alpinestars is releasing the Limited Edition ‘Indianapolis’ Tech 10 boots. To be sure, these motocross boots have the flame detailing of classic American hot rods as their inspiration! To that end, the boots feature a distinctive black, metallic red and yellow red color scheme.

Captivating, yes?

Tech 10 Indy LE Boot Features

Enhanced Functionality, Performance and Safety:The Tech 10’s comfort is legendary and a key feature in making the boot a pleasure to wear in all conditions. Much like a well-worn pair of motocross gloves, comfort is a key factor to control. So a key objective was maintaining the boot’s feel while enhancing its performance, functionality and safety. The most significant upgrades to the Tech 10 performance are unique technologies: The Frontal Flexion Control Frame, the Asymmetrical Dual-pivot Arms, the patented Dynamic Heel Compression Protection Shock Absorber which is integrated into a redesigned foot shell and the slimmer, more streamlined, outsole.

Reduced Weight: The Tech 10 is lighter! Which is a result of Alpinestars technicians studying all the boot components and their connections. They know how the boot comes together. So this re-design of every single one of those components reduces volume and weight. Moreover, new material composites are lighter in weight and more durable. This ensures they hold up to the rigors of off-road riding.

Noteworthy are the new, cold-forged, aluminum buckles. These little dirt bike accessories rock! They have a more durable and self-aligning closure that offer a positive hold across the upper surfaces of the boot. As a result, they are much easier to operate! The result yields over 400 grams (almost 1lb) in weight reduction. In short, this is not your granddaddy’s Tech 10.

Fortune Favors The Bold.

Reduced Material Volume: The design also reduces the Tech 10’s profile and physical size. It is more streamlined with newer, lighter, more durable composite materials and a more integrated approach to the construction of the components which dynamically enhance the chassis of the boot and utilize more advanced bonding processes.

DCHP – Unique Heel Protection Innovation: This is built into the Tech 10’s unique and lightweight single-piece co-injected foot chassis. It’s the patented Dynamic Heel Compression Protector (DHCP). This is an innovative safety feature. Which includes a fully integrated collapsible heel area with expanded poly-foam to absorb high impact energies during a crash. DCHP features a directional impact protection system. Which significantly reduces the effect of excessive energy transfer to the ankle and lower leg. DHCP is used by Alpinestars athletes in the demanding environments of professional Supercross and Motocross.

Feel the Burn…

Bringin’ the heat from any angle.

The CE certified Tech 10 is a technologically advanced. To be sure, this is motocross protective gear that incorporates innovative materials in a streamlined design. So you get boots with a lighter, more anatomically profiled performance. The ‘Indianapolis’ blends all of the technological properties of the Tech 10! Furthermore, it does so in a striking colorway. And it’s ‘pro approved’. It’s been worn by Eli Tomac, Marvin Musquin, Cooper Webb, Justin Barcia and all of the Alpinestars riders. And now, Supercross fans can wear the same boots as their racing heroes.

The Tech 10 has set the standard for Motocross boot performance and protection for well over a decade. They want you to feel confident over those dirt bike controls. And for summer 2018, the completely re-designed Tech 10 boot raises the performance envelope even further. Especially relevant is the iconic Tech 10 look. The new boot represents an entirely new approach that improves its ability to give a rider the ultimate in feel, comfort and safety.

In essence, these boots are everything you could want in a boot from a function standpoint. It’s easy to discern why the Alpinestars Tech 10 is widely considered the benchmark for MX performance by professional riders all over the globe. Motorcycle boots is what they do, people!

Sole Power.

Tech 10 Indy LE Boots @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, these particular Tech 10’s will set your dirt bike riding gear ablaze! Finally, you can have the look that befits your aggressive riding style. And they’re right here at BTO Sports. In stock and ready to ship. Get them by the weekend! And we can throw all those dirt bike parts you need in the box as well. You’ll be squared away in no time! See you soon…

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