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The All-New Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots | Product Spotlight


Tech 10 Boots Get Revamped for 2019!

Anyone who knows motocross boots will tell you that the Tech 10 Boots from Alpinestars are the best. Well, they’re right. And the best just got better! Indeed, the all-new Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots have some extra bells and whistles to keep them on top of the MX boot mountain. So sit back and let us detail those improvements for you right here and now.

The Tech 10 sets the standard for motocross boot performance and protection for well over a decade. Even the Tech 10 Inner Bootie is considered the very best. Yet in the summer of 2018, the design team went back to work to make them even better. And by all accounts, this all-new Tech 10 boot raises the performance bar even higher.

The goal remains the same- achieving perfection through innovation. While maintaining the iconic Tech 10 look. As a result, we have some serious motocross protective gear on our hands!

Make no mistake, these boots are getting a full makeover. The soft, microfiber gaiter, for example, helps seal out excessive water and dirt entry. Seamless continuity from motocross pants to boots make for a faster rider.

In short, the new boot represents an entirely new approach; improving its ability to give a rider the ultimate in feel, comfort and safety.

Tech 10 Boots = Performance.

The most significant upgrades to the Tech 10 performance are unique dirt bike gear technologies. First is the Frontal Flexion Control Frame. Secondly, the Asymmetrical Dual-Pivot Arms. Finally, the patented Dynamic Heel Compression Protection Shock Absorber. Which integrates into a redesigned foot shell. Not to mention a slimmer, more streamlined outsole.

The Tech 10 is lighter! Which is a direct result of Alpinestars technicians studying all the boot components and their connections. Just as they did with their A-1 Roost Guard. They know how the boot comes together. In turn, the re-design of every single component is focused on reducing volume and weight.

The design also reduces the Tech 10’s profile and physical size. It is more streamlined with newer, lighter, more durable composite materials. Also noteworthy is the more integrated approach to the construction of the components. These dynamically enhance the chassis of the boot and utilize more advanced bonding processes. All in all, the best just got better!

Tech 10 Boots Spec Sheet 

By maximizing these listed priorities below, Alpinestars is successfully redesigning their prestigious Tech 10 boot line. Furthermore, these motocross boots give riders a whole new level of comfort and confidence. Not to mention protection!

Unparalleled Flex Control

  • A breakthrough innovation for the Tech 10 is the introduction of Alpinestars patented Frontal Flex Frame. It creates a Tech 10 Boots Sale for the older versions- ha!
  • The Frontal Flex Frame combines with the dual front and rear blade connectors. It gives the Tech 10 a complete and seamless flexion control system. That’s right- from the foot shell to the shin plate. furthermore, it offers high-performance, double-motion control. Moreover, it produces over-compression and hyper-extension.
  • A Dual-Density TPU Connector system offers frontal flexion control. Which unites the lower buckle plate with the upper blade. The Frontal Flex Frame acts as a shock absorber by redistributing the energy across the boot frame.
  • Asymmetrical dual pivot arms on boot frame. Pairs excellently with the Fluid Tech Carbon Knee Brace for optimal body protection.
  • Ankle Control System which allows natural ankle movement and improved impact protection.

Unique Sole Integration

  • Completely redesigned sole with proprietary grip sculpturing improves foot-peg performance; grip, mud and water run-off. Also let’s you master your dirt bike controls. An exclusive dual compound sole is seamlessly integrated to the multi-density foot based structure with built-in support.
  • The central sole insert features micro grip and side hooking grip design. It is easily replaceable. Moreover, Alpinestars offers a full sole replacement and a boot repair service.

Buckle Closure System

  • The new triple buckle closure system is anatomically optimized for weight-saving and ergonomics. Moreover, it features a nylon and fiberglass compound for improved durability and strength. Slip your motocross socks into these new boots and feel the difference.
  • New slim-line buckles include high-impact bridge closure. Which are cold forged for precision and strength. This closure system features double closure security and a quick release/locking system. With self-aligning memory design for easy precise closure. Finally, all buckles are easily replaceable.

CE Certification 

  • CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health safety. For example, the stalwart BNS Pro Neck Support Brace from Alpinestars is loaded with certifications. Not to mention environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). 
  • The CE Marking is also found on products sold outside the EEA that manufacture and design in the EEA. So, the Tech 10 safety certification standards are a big deal!

Tech 10 Boots @ BTO Sports

In summary, these new Tech 10’s are the pinnacle of motocross boot performance. Ho hum… another day at the office for Alpinestars. The king is still the king… just more so! And these boots are right here at BTO Sports. In stock and ready to ship. Furthermore, we have the dirt bike parts and dirt bike helmets you need too. So, come on over and let us get your 2019 season underway.

Chris Leahy
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