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Original Sponsor BTO Sports

Motocross is a sport where you need all the help you can get, BTO Sports offers support to amateur racers and their moto family. The moto family, as racers that’s a story we all share, before any sponsor. Every racer has a story, here is part of theirs.

At BTO Sports, we support young amateur riders to fulfill their racing dreams. Making it in the sport of motocross takes heart, determination and the support of family. We see every rider we support as our family. 

In this video, we introduce you to a few of our racing family. You will meet Noah Viney. Originally from Canada, his family moved to the US to follow the dreams of their children Noah and Bjorn. Their story is one of determination and focus. 

We showcase Josh Kaller, our up-and-coming amateur star in the 250 class.  The importance of having a good support system around is what keeps Josh pushing for his dream to make it in the sport of motocross.

BTO Sports Family

BTO Sports is committed to help young riders reach their riding goals. From the local races to the top amateur events, we support the riders that make up our sport.

For all of your gear, parts and accessories, BTO Sports is your original sponsor!

Chris Chris Chris
Social Media Editor at BTO Sports
Known as "Doc" around the industry, Chris has been around the motocross/mountain bike industry for over 15 years. When not writing articles of excellence, he can be found riding his CRF450R at the many Southern California motocross tracks and local MTB trails around the Ventura County area.