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Thor MX 2020 | Spotlight

  • Prime Pro Gear
  • Pulse Gear
  • Sector Gear
  • Sector Split Helmet


Showcasing the new Pulse Pinner gear combo in Black/Acid
Showcasing the new Pulse Pinner gear combo in Black/Acid

Summer is here! Which means hotter weather, longer days and good times. Wanna know what else that means? New 2020 motocross gear! New styles, features and refinements from last year means that all the latest and greatest products are about to roll out. Thor has seemingly outdone themselves with all of their gear line, proving why they are one of the top, most recognizable brands in the industry. Ahead are a few appetizers from the gear-feast that is Thor 2020.


A few of the 2020 Thor gear combos
Prime Pro Strut, Prime Pro Baddy, and Women’s Pulse Fader gear combos.

Thor has developed and fabricated their new product line with insight from some of the fastest motocross riders in the world. From their high-performance Prime Pro collection, to the budget-friendly Sector collection, every piece of gear has been designed to meet and exceed the standards set by some of the fastest riders in the world. Thor has created their best and most specialized gear sets to date!

Prime Pro: “A Cut Above”


Prime Pro Forsta gear set
You’ll be sure to turn heads in the new Prime Pro Forsta.

The Thor Prime Pro collection is the absolute pinnacle of racewear performance. The Prime Pro Jersey features a taped collar and cuffs, fully ventilated arms and back panel, and a tail silicone print to help keep the jersey tucked in. Riding with plumber’s crack is never a good look, right? Right. Prime Pro pants (say that 5x fast) are built on an ultra-lightweight pre-curved chassis. Included compression shorts, strategically placed mesh panels, and laser-cut ventilation holes, making these some of the lightest and airiest riding pants around! But just because these are lightweight, doesn’t mean they aren’t durable. The inner knee panels have been made with premium full grain leather, along with Aramid fibers to protect against any abrasions, ride after ride.

Pulse: “Built to Last”

Re-designed from the ground up for this year, the Thor Pulse line is the go-to racewear for relentless performance and unrivaled durability. The jersey features set in style sleeves, allowing for a versatile fit for riders of all shapes and sizes. These boldly-designed jerseys feature sublimated graphics as well. Sublimated graphics is a fancy way of saying that the colors won’t fade, keeping you looking fresh for many motos to come. Pulse jerseys (as well as the rest of Thor’s 2020 jerseys) are made from a moisture-wicking material, which results in keeping you drier and cooler in the hot summer sun.

Cooper Webb  hooking up in the Pulse Fast Boyz gear set.
Justin Cooper is bringing that 90’s look to the track in the Pulse Fast Boyz gear set.

Pulse pants are pre-curved. No bunching up material here! The Rapid Flex™ knee feature is an anatomic stretch panel that provides enough give to achieve maximum comfort. Full grain leather knee panels and double and triple stitching for durability come together to create a pair of moto pants built for punishment.

Sector: “High-End, Low Cost”

Want top quality gear, without the top dollar price? Say hello to the Thor Sector line. The Sector jerseys feature a raglan sleeve build. A raglan sleeve is one that extends in one piece fully to the collar, leaving a diagonal seam from the underarm to collarbone. This grants the wearer unmatched arm mobility, especially while sitting on a bike. Sharing many of the features of the more expensive jerseys, the Sector also has a drop tail design. This results in helping to keep your jersey tucked in.

The new Sector Blade gear, in White/Aqua
The new Sector Blade gearin White/Aqua

Sector pants have double and triple durability stitching, a pre-curved shape for maximum comfort, and purpose-built TPR features to withstand the violence of a hard day’s ride. TPR (if you don’t know) stands for thermoplastic rubber, a rubber-plastic hybrid. This unique material is perfect for withstanding the rough-and-tumble that comes with riding.

Sector Split Helmet

What’s a new set of racewear without a helmet to tie it all together? Thor has come out with one of their best looking, highest quality helmets to date! The all-new Sector Split helmet features bold, bright colors, blocked around the helmet in an aggressive style. The Sector Split features MIPS, the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. What this does is allow the wearer’s head to continue to slide relative to the rest of the helmet. This system absorbs and redirects rotational energy, helping prevent injury from both low-speed as well as high-speed impacts.

The new Sector Split Helmet, with MIPS, in Black/Acid
The new Sector Split Helmet, with MIPS, in Black/Acid.

The Sector Split has been designed with aerodynamics and comfort in mind.  The visor has cut-out vents incorporated to help reduce lift, and is completely adjustable. Breathe easy all ride long thanks to a hi-flow mouth vent built with a filter, along with a flexible rubber nose. In addition, the dual density EPS liner also features more aeration, with extensive channels built inside of the injection-molded polycarbonate/ABS shell. At just a tad over 3 pounds (and under $200), you’ll be hard-pressed to find any MX helmet as good at this price point.

In conclusion, there’s a reason Thor has been around as long as it has. That it has stayed atop the motocross scene since, well, there’s ever really been one! Quality goods that sacrifice on neither form nor function, resulting in this company consistently releasing stellar gear. 2020 is arguably one of their best yet! Check it out here, as well as any other motorcycle gear you could ever need at!

Dylan Ferrandis getting up-close and personal in the Black/Mint Pulse Air Factor racewear.
Dylan Ferrandis getting up-close and personal in the Black/Mint Pulse Air Factor racewear.


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