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Thor MX | Spring 2019 Spotlight

Spring brings more than just showers and flowers

It’s that time of year again. The holidays have brought a couple extra pounds for some, others a few more gift cards in their wallet or an anxiousness looking forward to the coming new year. It’s a time where the hustle and bustle of the holiday parties and seemingly endless feedings come to an end. However, for our beloved motocross gear manufacturers, it’s a time of renewal. The Supercross Anaheim 1 season opener ushers in that welcomed renewal. Not only do we get to start a new season of racing, but also there are blooms with new choices of gear from our favorite companies. In that notion, Thor MX comes to the table with options that always make an impact. As one of the pioneers of the industry, they make sure to remind you they are here to stay on top.

Thor MX Pulse Factor jersey/pant combo in acid/teal colorway

Extra helpings, please

Normally, some would think the release of a few wild jersey designs will suffice. After all, there are more than enough choices for a lot of us to choose from. We’re always looking for what company to sport on our next ride or track day. Sometimes, manufacturers can seemingly drown in the noise, but Thor makes sure to set itself apart. Instead of just a limited jersey or rare colored goggles, Thor MX is coming into 2019 with a bit of everything. Anaheim 1 Supercross will help showcase Thor’s new colorful, exciting and much thought-out approach to the new year’s offerings. New colorway combos, elbow/knee protection options, youth safety, and a newly-developed MX boot are bound to capture everyone’s attention. Furthermore, everything has been developed with rider comfort in mind. But of course, staying at the forefront of rider safety remains paramount.

Thor MX Prime Apollo jersey/pant combo in black/mint colorway

Ergonomics and safety go hand in hand

There’s a large hill to climb in the world of motocross boots. The industry has a few successful heavy hitters in the ring. It used to be, the simple ingredients of a stiff ankle and a steel toe was the recipe. For what companies understand these days, however, this recipe will soon be a distant memory. The importance of correct movement, safety, and comfort share the top of the list when it comes to developing the boot of today. Thor made this idea clear in the release of the new Thor Radial MX boot, taking those factors into consideration. There’s a common understanding that we all want to wear something, without constantly having to think about when we can take it off.

New Thor MX Radial MX Boot in white

Look the part, ride the part

It’s become good practice in the last decade or so to offer the consumer what their favorite rider is wearing. The 11yr old kid that sees Marvin Musquin or Aaron Plessinger clear a triple in front of them in the gear they themselves wear is a unique feeling. It connects them in even a small way to the rider they’ve looked up to and always go out and try to be like on a bike. That’s where the magic comes from in wearing gear that should seem exclusive to only to pros. When you wear it yourself, it gives you the feeling of being at their level. The new Thor MX Prime Pro Apollo, Pulse 2080 and Pulse Factor series offer the same technology that the best riders in the world are wearing. If you ask any rider young or old, that’s a pretty good feeling to experience.

Thor MX Pulse 2080 gear combo

To the future of the sport

As with anything in this world, the future belongs to our youth. This goes for everything from Earth’s atmosphere to how successful racing ends up the next 40 years. Along with tech advances in everything we do, so comes the necessary safety that comes with those advances. Along with adults getting new options in protective gear like the new Thor Sector Warp Helmet, so follows the Sector Bomber helmet for our youths. The apple should never fall far from the tree when it comes to that balance. After all, if we had safety technology 30 years ago that we do now, it might be safe to say the motocross industry would be otherworldly by now. It’s great knowing that as a consumer and supporter of this sport, these companies are listening to us. Companies like Thor MX along with many others are making this industry what we want it to be by offering what makes us better riders. That in itself is the simple reason why it will succeed.

Thor MX Youth Sector Bomber Helmet
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