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Thor MX 2018 Spring Collection | Product Spotlight

The Springtime is right for Thor MX Gear

With the holidays in the dust, the new year brings new gear! With that comes the 2018 spring releases!

2018 is a big year for Thor MX. Not only do we get another release of awesome riding gear but 2018 marks their 50th anniversary.  Thor has already released part of its collection for 2018 and I myself have already done a spotlight on that gear which can be found here. I am back now to go over the newest release which includes Thor’s new commemorative collection. The new Spring gear that is part of their ‘Twenty_Eighteen’ is more experimental than the gear that came before it in late 2017.  There are additions to the Prime Fit, Fuse and Pulse collections the key portion of this spring release is the 50th Anniversary Gear.

Thor 50th Anniversary Gear

Thor 50th Anniversary Jersey and Pants
Thor 50th Anniversary Jersey, Pant Combo

The New Prime Fit Gear collection is separated by 2 very distinct sets. (Similar to the Prime Fit Rohl gear set that we already carry here at of the two Prime Fits is a commemoration of Thor’s milestone as America’s first motocross apparel brand.

In total there are 6 pieces which include a jersey, pants, gloves, t-shirt, hoody, and snapback hat. Each piece is similar, being a fairly matte black with shimmering golden embellishments depicting Thor’s new 50th-anniversary logo. There is something extremely clean and fresh about it. The feeling of a fresh haircut comes to mind but maybe that is just me?

McGrath with Thor 50th anniversary
McGrath wearing the 50th Anniversary Gear

Prime Fit Nebula Set

Prime Fit Nebula Jersey and Pants
Prime Fit Nebula Jersey, Pant Combo

The other Prime fit gear combo is the Prime Fit Nebula set, which is in the running for my personal favorite. This set hits all the right notes for me. The front of this jersey has a geometric/polygonal space-scape. The jersey is mostly in tints and shades of blues and black. Then, across the jersey as well as on the matching gloves are blossoming and exploding reds and oranges. It is honestly a piece of artwork that channels some retro style that somehow came from the future.

Prime fit 50th Anniversary and Nebula gloves
Void 50th Anniversary and Nebula Gloves

Aside from the pure aesthetic of this combination of gear is the construction of these pieces.  Each piece of the Prime Fits (the Anniversary and Nebula) is built to be lightweight and breathable. The jerseys are made from a moisture wicking, 4-way stretch fabric with compression sleeves. However, the chassis of the jersey is pre-fitted so assess the size you would need with that in mind. The Prime Fit pants are made from a Poly/ Spandex combination to promote flexibility. On the knees of the pants is premium grade full grain leather for abrasion resistance.The last part of the Prime Fit set is the Void gloves to match each set respectively.

Each is a fitted glove that also has a fitted stretch backhand. Also, on the backhand of these gloves is a continuation of the style that is happening on the jersey. The palms of these gloves are perforated to help make these gloves breathable and keep those hand cool.

Fuse High Tide Set

Fuse High Tide Jersey and Pant Combo
Fuse High Tide Jersey, Pant Combo

Next up for the Thor Spring 2018 collection is the Fuse High Tide Sets. The most appropriate word for these is ‘comfy’, the same way that a loose sweatshirt would be on a cold night.

The Fuse High Tide Jersey was constructed with minimal seams to make it fit more like a conventional t-shirt or pullover.  Also, the Fuse collection from Thor doesn’t use the 4-way stretch fabric found in many of their other jerseys. However, Thor made it a point to make sure that while this jersey may not stretch as much as other it still has the same moisture-wicking properties found in the others. Under the arm and the back, vented mesh panels have also been added to make sure those areas stay as dry as possible

Rider wearing the Fuse High Tide gear
Fuse High Tide in action

The Fuse High Tide Pants follow suit when it comes to being comfy. Across the waist, saddle and rear there are stretch panels. On the side of the pants there are adjustable cinches, just in case you need that little extra wiggle room.  The saddle of these pants is made with 500D Cordura. Cordura is a material that is resistant to tears and abrasions. This stuff is tough; you will be worn out before that 500D Cordura.

Pulse Kit’n Set

For all those cat people out there Thor is looking out for you. There are people who are going to go wild for the Pulse Kitn set. One would think that there were be some type of big cat like a lion or jaguar but no the cats on this jersey are simple house kittens ready to attack!

Pulse Kitn Jersey and Pant combo
The Pulse Kitn Jersey, Pant Combo

Make no mistake though; they are looking fairly ferocious in their own right. The Pulse Kit’n gear set is made with moisture-wicking fabrics and the same 4-way stretch material.  The pants of this set are made to be tolerant to abrasions with double and triple stitching. This is pro motocross rider’s Marvin Musquin’s favorite set of gear in the whole line-up and we can see why!

Thor Void Kitn Gloves
The Void Kitn Gloves

The gloves on this set are from the Void collection.  They are fitted and lightweight gloves that are still very easy to slip on and off. The finger gussets are a 4-way stretch and the palms are perforated to help keep the hands cool and dry.

Also on the back of the hand is a silicone print of kittens. If you are not a cat person but like the colors used, the Pulse Louda set might be an option.

Pulse Hype

Pulse hype Jersey and Pants Combos
Pulse Hype Jersey and Pant Combos

The final set to be covered is the Pulse Hype set. This gear set is right up there for one of my favorites from Thor’s 2018 collection.  It comes in 3 different styles, Black/Coral, Black/ Acid and, white/ blue.

Each one of these are bright and in your face.  The way the color of the pants transitions into the jersey is just so damn cool.  These are also part of the Pulse collection of Thor gear making it the same as the previously mentioned Pulse Kitn or Pulse Geotec. It is the same lightweight and breathable materials used for the jersey and pants.

The Pulse Air Hype Gloves
Void Pulse Hype Gloves

Pulse Air Hype

While the white/blue colorway of the Pulse Air Hype set may look the similar to the other 2 in terms of design. It is actually part of the Pulse Air collection. In terms of construction, the Pulse Air Hype is different.

Blue and White Pulse Air Hype Jersey and Pant Combo
Pulse Air Hype Jersey and Pant Combo

Thor has put in more of an effort with this set to make sure this set is the most breathable yet. In both the jersey and the pants of this set Thor has constructed more mesh panels maximize its airflow to help regulate the heat of the rider for those longer runs.

The spring release of the ‘Twenty_Eighteen’ line of gear from Thor is here but don’t forget about the first part of the release you can also find here at It doesn’t seem even after 50 years Thor isn’t going to be slowing down any and neither are we here at

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