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TLD 2019 Spring Moto Collection


Get Ready to Dominate in the TLD 2019 Spring Moto Gear.

Troy Lee Designs is synonymous with exciting motocross apparel. And now that they’re introducing their TLD 2019 Spring Moto Collection, we can tell you that their sterling reputation remains in tact! With a dizzying array of colors and patterns, this new gear has us all really pumped up for the new motocross season!

This video from the BTO Sports YouTube Channel will give you an idea of just how vivid and sharp the colors of this 2019 Spring line are. Hold on to your hats…

Bad to the BONE!

First off, these new motocross jerseys are lightweight, rugged, and durable. Clearly, TLD dirt bike jerseys combine inspired style and safety. Because they’re built from the best top-grade polyester and stretch fabrics. Make no mistake, these TLD 2019 Spring moto jerseys are tough yet comfortable.

Secondly, the design of the TLD Spring 2019 MX Pants is refined, flexible, and seriously stylish. Whether you need a lightweight race pant or heavy-duty protection, TLD motocross pants have you covered in all-day comfort. And as you can see by the colors, Troy Lee has lost nothing off its style fastball! Let’s get into this collection in a bit more detail.

TLD 2019 Spring SE Gear

It’s hot out there. You need to stay cool to perform at your best. So the SE Air Gear allows optimum air flow and pulls heat away from your body. Which keeps you cool to the core when it matters most.

The crown jewel of the TLD gear line, the SE Air gear was developed to provide riders with an extraordinary balance between lightweight feel and bulletproof strength. The SE Air Beta Jersey, Pant Combo (jerseys pictured below) is a truly stunning design that will set you apart at any gate drop on any track.

Rainbow Coalition.

The TLD 2019 Spring SE efforts are state of the art! They feature technologically advanced materials that provide maximum durability, ventilation and unprecedented fit. SE Air gear is the embodiment of the very best research, development and ingenuity that TLD has to offer.

Just look at the SE Pro Mirage Pant, Jersey Combo below. Mesmerizing, right? Well it’s important to remember that as good as this stuff looks- the quality craftsmanship is what sets this gear apart from the pretenders. But man, it really does look special…

The SE Pro Mirage… now we’re talkin’!

And if you think the TLD 2019 Spring SE gear turns heads, they’ve only just begun. Because the Spring ’19 GP series is equally ready for its closeup. They’ve even included kids dirt bike gear! Let’s investigate further.

TLD 2019 Spring GP Gear

The GP gear is designed with comfort and minimal weight in mind. Furthermore, it offers the durability that TLD is known for. Moreover, the price point of the GP line has always made it wildly popular among MX riders! Especially relevant is the breathable and flexible material that allows for a custom, comfortable fit. For example, the new 2019 GP Premix 86 Combo brings all the style you could ask for at a price you cannot beat. To that end, the versatility of the line make it the perfect choice for all types of riding and racing conditions.

Fierce colors for fierce riders.

The GP Air Gear is the most lightweight and highly ventilated gear in the TLD line. So, coupled with a hydration system, it’s perfectly suited for warm weather riding conditions. This vented gear sports mesh polyester and vented paneling all around! Which offers maximum cooling and airflow for extended periods of time. Not to mention the stretch material in key areas that allows for unmatched comfort and fit.

Make no mistake, the GP Air Premix 86 Gear Combo (pictured below) would be a fine addition to your moto arsenal. I mean… just look at it!

Built to move, priced to move.

GP Air For The Win…

Note worthy to the GP Air gear is the unmatched comfort. With such a tailored fit, you will truly feel in complete command of your dirt bike controls. And this is no accident. The TLD design team has built their rep on knowing what riders need in their motocross apparel. In turn, they respond in kind.

In fact, any of the aforementioned motocross gear combos will drastically improve your stable of motocross riding apparel. The combination of Troy Lee’s dedication to quality and timeless styles makes their gear the most coveted on the planet.

It’s all right here…

TLD 2019 Spring Gear @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, This new Spring line is absolutely stunning. The colors and designs prove once more that Troy Lee Designs is at the top of their game. And it’s all right here at BTO Sports! Get your set-up today. Grab all those dirt bike parts you need too. We’re a one-stop shop! So everything from dirt bike boots on up to motocross helmets- we’ve got you covered. See you real soon.

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