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TLD Ruckus Gear | MTB Spotlight


Mountain bike apparel in 2019 is getting really good, with companies making glorious, ride-tailored MTB & BMX Gear options that feel great on the bike. To that end, the new TLD Ruckus gear deserves recognition as perhaps the most comfortable and high-performing mountain bike apparel on the market. Let’s review the many reason why!

The 2019 Troy Lee mountain bike collection is yet another triumph for the company. And you could say with confidence that the TLD Ruckus line in particular is the crowned jewel. All of it will impress you! Especially relevant is the MTB/BMX Women’s riding gear they’ve come up with! Because it really has the Ruckus look and feel. Believe it, they’ve got the whole family covered for the next trip up the mountain.

Get your 2019 movin‘…

Without question, this is some of the best-looking MTB/BMX Gear we’ve ever come across. The graphics and colors are distinctly Troy Lee, which is to say fantastic. The company is always taking pride in the look of their products. And this pride shows up time after time!

Alright, let’s check the video. Always great to see this gear in motion! Great video content like this is also available on our BTO Sports YouTube Channel, so check that on the regular as well. But in the meantime, roll film!

Born and bred in the most rugged mountain biking zones of the world. You know, where your MTB/BMX Protective Gear really comes in handy. The Ruckus motto has always been; “Work hard; play harder” and for 2019, the TLD Ruckus design and development team brings even higher standards to the line.

Advanced innovations in fabric design, engineered construction techniques were the key to fine tuning Ruckus for the needs of the today’s Enduro racer and all mountain rider. Because let’s face it- you need performance every time you grab those MTB/BMX Handlebars. And with the 2019 Ruckus gear- you can expect it.

Time to start a Ruckus…

TLD Ruckus Jersey | MTB

Already trusted as the go-to trail gear for serious mountain riders and enduro racers, the Troy Lee Designs Ruckus Jersey gets even better for 2019. The Ruckus Streamline jersey offers improved comfort with a revised neckline and polyester knit fabric. It’s both lightweight and durable! Also, the 3/4 sleeve jersey provides ample ventilation by way of perforated rear panels and vented mesh side panels.

Noteworthy is that these mountain bike jerseys use fabric that is certified as Bluesign approved, utilizing materials produced by eco-friendly methods that conserve resources and minimize impact on the environment. So, ride with confidence not only in your gear’s performance but its environmental footprint.

Ruckus Jersey Features
  • Moisture-wicking 100% polyester knit material is lightweight and breathable
  • Neckline offers fresh styling and improved freedom of movement
  • All-new optical wipe conveniently stored in rear pocket and fastened by micro cord
  • Integrated ventilation with perforated rear panels and vented mesh side panels
  • The longest length 3/4 jersey in TLD lineup provides ample coverage and relaxed fit
  • Easy-access storage from two rear zipper pockets, strategically placed to prevent swaying and movement when loaded
  • Fabric weight 190gm/6.7oz

And while the jerseys are clearly ‘top drawer’, just wait until you see the new TLD Ruckus Shorts! This gear really is tomorrow’s MTB… Today.

Perfect Fit / Every Time.

TLD Ruckus Short | MTB

Looking for the ultimate in race-tailored mountain bike apparel? Then let us submit to you the TLD Ruckus Short w/Liner. All new for for 2019, these shorts redefine what professional MTB gear should feel like on the bike. Because these shorts feature a redesigned waistband with a new double button enclosure. And there’s more… a lot more.

These MTB Shorts have a distinctive two-way rear stretch panel. And it’s this panel that sports slim, easy-to-pull adjuster tabs to fine-tune the fit. Incredible! Furthermore, the redesigned Ruckus line now uses fabric that is certified as Bluesign approved. At the end of the day, Troy Lee knows that it’s very important to conserve resources and minimize impact on the environment.

Ruckus Short Features
  • Low-profile double button enclosure designed to eliminate overlap in riding position
  • Rear two-way stretch panel fabricated from new breathable mesh material and repositioned for improved articulation
  • Contoured waistband designed for all-day comfort and durability, with laser perforated rear offering enhanced ventilation
  • Easy-to-operate pull-tab adjusters providing two inches of adjustment on each side
  • Available as shell-only model, otherwise combined with new AIR mesh liner with our Premium TLD pad

“Like a glove…”

TLD Ruckus Glove

The Troy Lee Designs Ruckus Glove has research, design and meticulous testing as part of their journey into the world. Well before they make their way on to the hands of MTB riders. It’s this acute attention to detail paired with a fearless sense of style and design that make for a superior product. Moreover, with a vast selection of colors there is a TLD Ruckus Glove for every individual.

Ruckus Glove Features:
  • 45% Nylon, 26% Polyester, 24% Polyurethane, 4% Spandex, 1% Rubber
  • Perforated neoprene top hand
  • Ax suede® palm with emboss pattern and synthetic leather 2nd laye
  • Touch screen compatibility at fingertip
  • Seamless rolled fingertips increase comfort

Built to protect your hands whether you are racing, riding or crashing through the brush on your favorite trail, Troy Lee Designs mountain bike gloves offer protection and style together.

Here’s a video from last year’s Ruckus gear. Just another opportunity to get a 360-look at this stuff. We’re confident that next time you put your feet to your bike’s pedals, you’re going to want some TLD Ruckus…

The Troy Lee Designs Ruckus Jersey-Short Combo is the perfect set-ups for the trail or enduro rider. Why? Because the Ruckus is a lightweight jersey that has a roomy ¾ length sleeve. Furthermore, it features ventilation panels and two rear zippered pockets. Also, the Ruckus Short has a durable two-way stretch panel fabric with laser cut ventilation panels.

Noteworthy is that the TLD Ruckus is offered with or without a padded liner. Moreover, this new version has fitment adjustment straps on each side. In short, if you’re after comfort, style and durability on the trail- then you want the Ruckus gear from Troy Lee Designs.

Start your Ruckus today… at BTO Sports!

TLD Ruckus MTB Gear @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, Troy Lee Designs is continuing a long tradition of high-end riding gear that looks phenomenal. And is it any surprise? Furthermore, this gear is all right here at BTO Sports, just waiting to ship to your door. While you’re here, you can pick up all the MTB and BMX bicycle parts you’ve been meaning to get too. We are your one-stop shop! Come by today, and experience the BTO Sports difference.

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