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Top 5 Motorcycle Communication Systems

Be Safe – Communicate

Summer is around the corner! With the days getting longer, warmer, and brighter, everyone is raring to hit the road after a long winter. A new year brings new technology, and with the ever-increasing popularity of cellphones, texting, and other communication devices, distractions to motorcyclists are as rampant as ever.

Staying in audio contact with your riding partners is not only safe,
but makes the ride more fun.

The last thing a rider should do is take their eyes off the road to answer a call/text or post to social media. Thankfully, wireless communication systems are more accessible, user-friendly, and easily integrated into a motorcycle helmet as they’ve ever been. Let’s take a look at some of the top wireless communication systems.

UCLEAR – Amp Pro Helmet Audio System

With clearer audio and better environment sounds, the UCLEAR AMP Pro audio system will satisfy any audiophile.

UCLEAR has come out with its best and most advanced system to date. Built off the popular HBC series, the Amp Pro system features UCLEAR’s fastest and most powerful processor in any of their products. The Pulse Pro speakers have been feverishly fine-tuned to, therefore, provide high-fidelity, studio quality sound. Experience extremely powerful bass, warm natural voice mid-level, and crisp clean highs sure to satisfy even the most discerning audiophiles. Talk with literally an unlimited amount of other riders thanks to the Amp Pro’s full duplex intercom technology.

The tech doesn’t stop there. Get rid of the annoying mics that basically rub against your face thanks to Advanced Beam Forming (ABF). ABF is a patented dual microphone setup that uses DSP algorithms to hone in on your voice’s “sweet spot” and block out everything else, delivering crystal clear audio. What’s DSP you ask? Digital Signal Processing uses an extremely versatile algorithm to filter out a wide variety of noises that occur when riding. Customize all of your preferences and get regular updates to your system thanks to the industry-exclusive CLEARLink Mobile app.

Sena – 30K Bluetooth Headset

With advanced noise control, the Sena 30KHeadset ensures that the sound is crystal clear

Sena is one of the most well-established brands when it comes to motorcycle wireless communications, and for good reason. The 30K Bluetooth Headset has a wide variety of useful features.  Connect in more ways than ever before with the 30K’s multiple intercom capabilities. Connect with unlimited riders over a mile away using the Open-Mesh network, up to 16 privately with the Closed Mesh network, or even up to 3 non-Sena riders via the Bluetooth intercom! Use whichever you see fit! With a Mesh network talk time of 8 hours and a Bluetooth intercom talk time of 13 hours, talk away even on the most epic of travels.

Wish you could talk to someone, but listen to music or your map directions at the same time? Wish granted. The Audio Multitasking™ feature utilizes an additional Bluetooth processor, allowing the user to operate 2 different audio functions—at the same time! Let Sena do the multi-tasking so you don’t have to.

Interphone – Tour Bluetooth Intercom

Hailing from Europe, the Interphone Tour is the flagship product of the Interphone product line. Compatible with literally any Bluetooth® equipped phone or intercom, the Tour is able to communicate with up to 4 people, all the way up to a mile away. The body is built with 100% waterproof black chrome titanium. This intercom is the most energy efficient of them all, with a standby time of 1,000 hours. Yes, really. With 15 hours of talk time, and the ability to get to an 80% charge after only 20 minutes, never have to wait to get out and ride again!

A truly hands-free experience, the Tour is voice command ready for all of its functions. A directional wind-proof microphone means that those voice commands will always be heard. Genius Pairing allows the wearer to connect with others simply by turning the unit on. Want to talk while you listen to music? The Audio Mix feature ensures that isn’t a problem. The perfect intercom for those facing long journeys, the Interphone Tour is easy to install and combines advanced technology, design, and ease of use, therefore culminating in a great product.

Cardo Systems – Freecom 4 Plus

The Cardo Freecom 4 Plus could just be the ultimate 4-way Bluetooth communication system. The 4 Plus packs cutting edge technology into an ultra-slim, 20mm package (which by the way, is IP67 rated waterproof). Talk hands-free and spontaneously with any nearby headset using the Universal Connectivity and exclusive Click-to-Link® features. Cardo Systems Call to Intercom feature allows the rider to even incorporate an incoming call into your intercom conversation! Stuck in loud traffic? How about waiting quietly at a light? Cardo has an incredible Automatic Volume feature, which adjusts the sound volume depending on the level of outside ambient noise.

Speaking of volume, you just might want to keep your speakers turned up simply by the incredible quality. This communication system features world-renowned JBL speakers. These speakers—specifically designed to work inside of a moving helmet—are probably unlike anything you’ve ever heard while riding. Want to share your tunes? Now you can thanks to Cardo’s Audio Sharing feature, which allows the wearer to share your favorite playlist or radio station with a passenger. Jam out together! Want to know even more? Click right here.

Sena – SMH10 Bluetooth Headset and Intercom w/ Universal Microphone Kit

Sena regards the SMH10 as “The original Bluetooth motorcycle communication device”. This tried-and-true kit still sells well today. Talk someone’s ear off with a talk time of over 12 hours, and a standby time of 10 days. The Bluetooth® intercom works between up to 4 people including bike-to-bike and rider-passenger. This headset is water resistant and can operate anywhere between 14°F all the way up to 131°F. This means this headset is rugged enough to ride in pretty much any and all conditions.

The SMH10 also features Advanced Noise Control™, meaning ambient/background noise is actively filtered out, allowing for optimal natural sound quality. In addition, easily play, pause, and scrub forwards/backward using the Bluetooth® Music Playback Control. This is easily operated by the patented Jog Dial, which is versatile enough to operate the majority of the headset’s functions. Click here to check it out.

*BONUS* Navatlas – Compact Intercom w/ Off-road Helmet Style Headset Bundle

We didn’t forget about all you UTV riders! Designed specifically for UTVs, the Navatlas Compact Intercom features high fidelity stereo sound from smartphones or any other music source for that matter. Navatlas has included separate inputs for music and for a smartphone, allowing for the best of both worlds when it comes to multitasking. 2 separate volume knobs let the passenger and the driver individually adjust the sound level exactly how they want. Noise-canceling smart mics ensure that this communication device…effectively communicates!

Durable RF Shield Housing encases the radio hardware . RF stands for radio frequency, which is technology that mitigates the electromagnetic field from the system, preventing this device from interfering with any other components.

Stay Connected On the Road

Riding a motorcycle shouldn’t mean you can’t enjoy the company of your friends. That’s where these amazing hands-free communication systems come in. Take your riding experiences from great to truly fantastic. You can get these sets as well as any other riding gear over at!

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