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Top 5 Helmets Under $200 | Buyers Guide

Helmets under $200 Buyers Guide

No matter how or what you ride, a motocross helmet is an essential piece of safety equipment when hitting the dirt. Today, there are a vast array of helmet choices and many different price points that you can go crazy trying to decipher it all. Our resident product specialist, Nick Wayne is here to cut through all the clutter and give you, in our opinion the top five helmets for under $200. All these helmets are priced to give riders all the safety features while looking stylish on the bike.  Take a walk through our warehouse with Nick as he discusses the features of these five helmets.


Thor Sector Helmet – 

Thor Sector Helmet

Thor MX makes some of the best race gear for professional, amateur, and casual riders so everyone can hop on their dirt bike and ride their best for over 40 years. Building on the success of the Sector Helmet line from years past with the option to have a lighter weight, more comfortable fitment with ventilation while adding protection, Thor went one step further with their new Sector Helmet. With this product being utilized by a pro, semi-pro and amateur riders alike, this show of dedication is proof in itself that Thor listens to what we want in our gear and how it performs. Get a hold of the gear setup your favorite rider is wearing at Supercross and Motocross. DOT/ECE Rated. Retail: $109.95 US


O’Neal 5 Series Helmet – 

The O’Neal 5 Series helmets have returned with the Hexx. Upgraded in both design & function to keep things fresh. As far as design goes, the  O’Neal 5 Series Helmet is fairly conservative as far as motocross helmets are concerned. The graphics all have a sturdy clear coating on them to protect them from heat, sun, and abrasions. The graphics on this dirt bike helmet are pretty symmetrical, featuring the O’Neal logo down the side and on top. The tagline “Enjoy the Ride” is branded on both sides as well. The visor protrudes a little bit more than previous models and has a more aggressive look.  DOT/ECE rated Retail: $139.99


Bell MX-9 Helmet

Bell MX-9 Helmet

The MX-9 Helmet comes with the popular MIPS safety system are part of Bell’s line of protective helmets for dirt bike riders. Similar, to the other helmets in part of the product line, the shell of this helmet is made from a lightweight polycarbonate material/ ABS Shell Construction. The Bell MX-9 also comes equipped with a lightweight Flying Bridge visor that can be easily removed and/or replaced. Another feature of the MX-9 is the multiple vents that have been added to the outside of the helmet as well as on the visor. All of this culminates with these helmets being MIPS certified for their overall safety to the wearer. There is also an ADV version as well. DOT Rated Retail: $159.95


Fox V1 Helmet

Fox V1 Czar Helmet

The Fox Racing V1 Czar Helmets are all new from the ground up! And the price point for this line remains low- making this the motocross value of the year! With 9 intake scoops and 4 exhaust vents for optimum airflow, you will not overheat with the V1. Fox has packed the V1 with innovative features such as the Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRS) replaces screws with magnets. The visor is designed to stay firmly in place under roost, bur release in a crash. DOT/ECE Rating Retail: $169.95 / Youth: $129.95

Shift White Label Helmet

Shift MX White Label Helmet

The most radical design of the group, Shift MX pushed the boundary of helmet design with the all-new White Label Helmet. This aggressive design eliminates the bulk associated with other helmets and the dual-density EPS foam provides impact absorption.  Shift made sure the rider is comfortable with a total of 10 intake vents generate massive airflow, while 4 huge exhaust vents pull hot air away from the rider’s head preventing overheating. ECE/DOT rating Retail: $149.95 / Youth: $109.95


Leatt GPX 4.5 V22 Helmet

The GPX 4.5 V22 is from Leatt, a company known for their safety equipment. This helmet boasts a lot of technology in a small package. Using their patented 360-degree Turbine Technology that absorbs impact during a crash, makes the helmet 10% smaller while transferring up to 20% less rotational forces in the event of a crash. Combined with the massive air channels to prevent overheating, this is a deal to not be missed. Hydration-ready and ECE/DOT certified Retail: $239.99 (On Sale NOW for 68% Off at


No matter what helmet you choose, the right helmet is the one that fits you.  If you purchase a helmet from us, and you find it doesn’t fit just right, our return policy makes it easy to exchange it for the right one.

Be sure to grab yourself a new helmet this season and put that old one on the shelf. A new helmet will not only make you look good but will keep you safer out on the track, trail or wherever else you ride. Visit today!

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Chris Chris Chris
Social Media Editor at BTO Sports
Known as "Doc" around the industry, Chris has been around the motocross/mountain bike industry for over 15 years. When not writing articles of excellence, he can be found riding his CRF450R at the many Southern California motocross tracks and local MTB trails around the Ventura County area.