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Top 7 Helmets of the 2019 Season


Motocross season is upon us! Top riders from around the world are competing to take the top spots in the sport! You’ll also be seeing those top riders sporting the latest and greatest MX gear in the industry like boots, gloves, and goggles. However, the most noticeable piece is also the most important—the helmet. We’re going to take a look at the best-of-the-best. Here are 7 of the top helmets for this season.

FLY Racing – Formula Helmet

FLY Racing has come out with their most technologically advanced helmet to date, incorporating several brand-new technologies exclusive to FLY. The Formula helmet has what’s called RHEON Impact Energy Cells. These cells have a uniquely-shaped and maze-like structure. This shape is what allows the cells to compress and shear in the event of an impact, which therefore maximizes the absorption of low-speed rotational impacts. New research has established that brain injury can come from repeated low-speed impacts, not just high-speed.

FLY adds further fortifications with their exclusive Conehead® EPS Technology. This cone-shaped layer provides a softer liner while the cones help to disperse and absorb impact force more efficiently. 6 of the most critical areas have been fine-tuned to give a progressive response to both low and high-speed impacts. Also available in youth sizes as well

Alpinestars – SM-10

Alpinestars looks to continue their established reputation as one of the top brands of motocross gear. A result of over 5 years of intensive development and testing, Alpinestars has created the S-M10 as their most advanced, protective, and lightest helmet ever. Their patented A-Head Adjustment System allows the wearer to adjust the helmet exactly to their preferred height and angle at which the helmet sits on the head. This ultra-customizable helmet also has a patented visor release system.

This system allows the visor to release in a crash with the correct pre-determined amount of force regardless of the angle of impact. Keep your cool thanks to the ultra-ventilated design which has the visor directing air into ports for added ventilation. The SM-10 also contains MIPS, the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System

6D – ATR-2

6D Helmets does one thing, and they do it extremely well—making helmets. The main safety component of the ATR-2 is its exclusive Omni-Directional Suspension® (ODS). Improving in both liner and angular acceleration mitigation from its predecessor, this 6D helmet features Elastomeric Isolation Dampers. These uniquely-shaped elastic hourglass nodes provide a progressive spring rate, managing low-threshold energy and three-dimensional displacement of the inner liner. A “Brow Rib” is a new feature of the ATR-2.

This provides incremental strength to the upper eye port area and helps to fortify the integrity of the shell nearest the most exposed area of the helmet. Another all-new feature is the Cervical Protection Zone. Located in the lower rear base of the helmet, this feature is designed to provide a more compliant, crushable region in the event the motorcycle helmet is pushed down and back into the neck/spine during an accident.

Fox – V3

Arguably the most recognizable brand in the business, Fox is once again setting the bar for motocross gear with their cutting-edge new V3 helmet. The V3 has a multitude of proprietary technology, the most game-changing of which is Fluid Inside®. Fluid Inside® has been engineered to mimic cerebral spine fluid—your body’s natural layer of protection–as a result of years of extensive scientific research. This technology incorporates a matrix of Fluid pods that act independently and simultaneously to manage linear and rotational forces acting on soft brain tissue.

Another feature is the MVRS, or Magnetic Visor Release System. The magnetically attached visors are strong enough to withstand aggressive riding/roost conditions but detach from the helmet upon impact to help mitigate external rotational forces that affect one’s head during a crash. Multi-Composite Technology™ combines carbon and FRP resins for a light yet rigid shell. Learn More.

Troy Lee Designs – SE-4 Carbon

The Troy Lee Designs SE-4 Carbon is the lightest/most advanced helmet in the company’s history. Weighing a measly 1325 grams, the Carbon comes with 20 intake ports and 6 exhaust ports that are sure to keep you cool as you make that hot lap. This Troy Lee Designs helmet comes with MIPS, which stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. This is a revolutionary technology that allows the helmet to slide relative to the head, adding additional protection against rotational violence caused by an angle of impact.

An expanded polypropylene (EPP) chinbar grants lightweight, durable protection around the jaw region. TLD has integrated anatomical-3D contoured cheek pads, ensuring an ergonomic and non-intrusive feel. All wrapped up in classic eye-catching Troy Lee Designs graphic.

Leatt – GPX 6.5 Carbon V19.1

The GPX 6.5 Carbon Helmet is Leatt’s greatest foray into the helmet world yet. Boasting a super lightweight carbon construction, the GPX features a category-defining 360° Turbine Technology. This tech is comprised of 360° moving discs constructed from an energy-absorbing shape and material.

What this does is reduce rotational forces to the head and aids in the mitigation of forces exerted upon impact. This—along with a reduced shell size volume—reduces rotational acceleration to the head and brain by 40% percent. This helmet’s safety features also reduce up to 30% percent of head impact forces at the concussion level, making this Leatt a safe bet!

Bell – Moto-9 Flex

Bell’s ongoing mission since their inception has been to innovate and improve upon the science of protection. Constantly striving to bring benchmark-setting technologies for impact and energy management. The Moto-9 Flex continues this tradition. The Flex Energy Management System is a first-of-its-kind, triple-layer impact liner which utilizes multiple densities of material to more comprehensively disperse impact energy.

This system also works to reduce rotational energy transfer. The features don’t stop there. Magnefusion™ Removable Magnetic Cheekpads are (as you may have guessed) magnetic removable cheek pads which make for easy washing, and also allow first-responders to better access a rider’s head when every second count. The X-Static liner is made with washable quick-drying materials woven with real silver. This inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi. All this safety and the added coolness of Tagger Designs on some of the Bell helmets are top!

It’s Time for a New Helmet

The world of protective gear—particularly headgear—is only getting exponentially more advanced. This means the sport of motocross is only getting safer; only getting more popular. Don’t get left behind in the dust with outdated gear, when helmets are lighter, more breathable, and better at keeping you safe. You can check out all of these helmets as well as any other gear you might need at!

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