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The Top Motorcycle Adventure Gear For Winter Riding

Top Motorcycle adventure Gear for Winter Riding

Prepare for the Weather

True motorcycle enthusiasts won’t let a little cold weather stop them from enjoying the road on their motorcycle. While your bike may be ready for the task, if you are not prepared with the right motorcycle riding gear, your winter and /or wet weather ride might be miserable. Instead of deciding against riding your motorcycle in cold weather, here is a list of the right adventure gear to consider that will make your next cold weather ride more enjoyable.

Adventure Gear Starts at the Base:

To stay warm on your winter/wet ride, start with a quality base layer, such as the EVS TUG Long Sleeve Shirt.

In order to rid comfortably in cold weather, you first must dress for the weather. Starting with a good base layer that is designed to keep you warm, such as the EVS Tug long sleeve shirt, is a complete must when you are riding in cold weather. Even in cold weather, we will sweat and the base layers job is to allow our skin to breathe and wick away the moisture.

Next is a good mid-layer. Depending on how cold it is, a simple zip-up fleece or for colder days, a wool button up or a mid –layer riding vest. This will create an insulating barrier.

Jackets such as the Klim Badlands Jacket are the perfect Winter riding jacket.

Your outer layer is next, starting with a motorcycle riding jacket that is designed for cold weather / wet weather riding. Gore-Tex is the industry standard for winter riding jackets due to their waterproofing and breathability and is really the only way to go. For our rides, we like the versatility and weatherproofing of the Klim Badlands ADV riding jacket.

Keep Your Feet Dry

There’s nothing worse than riding with wet feet. Choose the wrong motorcycle boots for wet weather and this is for sure going to happen. When looking for a wet weather boot, boots with Gore-Tex or a weatherproof membrane are going to save your feet a lot of misery while you ride. Most boots designed for wet/cold weather will also have a good grip so you don’t slip off the pegs.

Alpinestars Roam 2 Waterproof boot.
Alpinestars Roam 2 Waterproof boot.

The Alpinestars Roam 2 waterproof boot is an extremely comfortable touring boot that offers better control of the bike thanks to the waterproof membrane that guarantees weatherproofing and breathability.

Alpinestars Toucan Gor-tex Boot Adventure gear
Alpinestars Toucan Gore-tex Boot

For ADV riders looking for a more dirt oriented type boot, the Alpinestars Toucan Gore-tex boot will keep you moving during in climate weather.  With more ankle protection that gives support during off-the-road excursions, the Toucan is ready when the adventure turns wet.

Warm Those Hands

For gloves, the same principles that go into choosing the right cold weather jacket apply to cold weather gloves. Finding a cold weather glove that has Gore-Tex or a waterproof membrane and is warm will make your riding more enjoyable.

Five WFX2 Waterproof glove
Five WFX2 w/waterproof membrane glove

For those really cold days, there are even heated gloves that will keep your fingers nice and warm. You can even dial in the amount of heat that is comfortable to your hands.

Highway 21 Radiant Heated Glove
Highway 21 Radiant Heated Glove

Don’t Forget Your Head

A full-face helmet will keep your head from freezing while on the road. Don’t forget to close the vents (if you can). We prefer an adventure style helmet such as the LS2 MX436 Pioneer helmet. It comes with a built in shield and the eyeport can accommodate goggles if need be.

LS2 Pioneer MX436 Trigger helmet Adventure gear
LS2 Pioneer MX436 Trigger helmet is the perfect ADV full face helmet for cold weather riding

Some riders might opt for a winter head sock, or balaclava to wear under their helmet depending on how cold it is.  If you have a helmet that has vents that don’t close, a balaclava is a good investment.

Keep your head warm with a Balaclava like this one from Alpinestars.

Get Out and Ride

Don’t be unprepared with the wrong gear when the cold weather hits. Get yourself the right Adventure riding gear so that you can continue to ride during the winter months.  Now, get on your motorcycle, and head out for a ride!

At, we have the gear you need to keep yourself warm while on your adventure. From baselayers to jackets, boots to helmets, we are your one-stop shop for all things motorcycles. To search for your gear

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