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Top Motocross Gear for Hot Weather Riding

Top Hot Weather Riding Gear

Essential Riding Gear for the Hot Summer Months

*Article has been updated for 2017 Products

Motocross in the summer time can be brutal.  With temperatures reaching over 100 degrees and in some places dealing with 100% humidity, just riding around can be dangerous if you are not prepared with the correct riding gear.  We here at BTO Sports know that you are not going to stop riding during the Summer, so we have come up with a list of top motocross gear that you should have to survive the harsh Summer racing months.

Staying Cool Starts At The Base

Alpinestars Tech Top Vest
Alpinestars Tech Top Vest | $64.95

Base layers – Adding a layer of clothing is the last thing you want to think about when the temperature is close to 100 degrees, but hot weather base layers such as the Alpinestars tech top tank  and the 100% Zephyr Cooling Tank will help keep your body temperature at optimum levels so you can perform at your best, even when the thermometer is about to burst.  These products utilize your sweat to your advantage with technologically advanced fibers to wick away the moisture from your skin, thus keeping your body temperature down.

Air Conditioning While You Ride

Troy Lee Designs GP Air Prisma Combo 2018
Troy Lee Designs GP Air Prisma Combo 2018 | $176.00

Vented Gear – Having gear that can breathe and pass air through is essential for those hot summer riding days. Vented gear is different is that the gear is much lighter due to either a vented or moisture wicking material that is used to pass air through, cooling the rider’s body. We like the Troy Lee Designs GP Air Prisma gear combo for hot weather riding.  It has the best mix of being lightweight and breathability that makes us want to ride in 100+ degree heat!.  If you are racing, we recommend having two sets of gear and changing in-between motos.

Keep Fluids In You

Fly Racing XC Hydration Packs
Fly Racing XC Hydration Packs | Starting at $53.96-89.96

Hydration Pack – It may sound bulky, but wearing a hydration pack during your ride will make it much easier to stay hydrated and not end up with heat exhaustion.  There are several styles to choose from that easily strap to your body. The Pros know this trick and riders such as Mike Alessi and Mike Brown have been known to line up with a hydration pack at the hotter Outdoor Nationals.

Stay Out Of The Heat In The Pits

BTO Sports Canopy
BTO Sports Canopy – $199.99

Shade – Staying cool starts in your pit area.  Make sure you have ample amounts of shade in your pit area, either from trees or a well-built sunshade or umbrella. BTO Sports has a great pop-up tent that will not only keep you cool but will also give you the factory team looks!

Breathe Easy

Fox Racing V3 Drafter Helmet
Fox V3 Drafter Helmet | $499.95

Helmets – Having a motocross helmet that flows air is essential for hot weather riding.  The head is one of the major areas the body expels heat, and having a helmet that has good ventilation and is light is key. Helmets like the Fox Racing V3 Drafter Helmet are designed with more air vents for hotter weather.   Lightweight and built to flow massive amounts of air through the helmet, thus keeping your head cool and pulling the heat away.

Keep Your Feet Cool

Stance Fusion Pinnacle Knee Brace Socks
Stance Fusion Pinnacle Knee Brace Socks | $38.00

MX Socks – Your feet is one of the major areas that your body expels heat and sweat.  Having thick cotton socks does nothing for you but keep the heat and absorbs sweat. Be sure that you have socks that are made with moisture wicking material to pull the moisture away from your skin.  This will keep your feet cooler and less likely to overheat.  Modern day MX socks give you the protection you need plus the moisture wicking properties you want in a sock.  If you wear knee braces, a knee brace sock such as the Stance Fusion Pinnacle Knee Brace Sock combination will help prevent chafing from your knee brace and keep your feet comfortable.

Always Pack For The Ride

Bikemaster Multi-Tool
Bikemaster Multi-Tool | $12.99

Aside from the right motocross gear, be sure you have a cooler filled with ice and water every time you hit the track and plenty of shade. If you are riding in the desert, mountains or the woods, be sure to have a tool pack with tools in the event you need to work on your(or a friend’s) bike in the middle of your ride.  Nothing is worse than being 30 miles out from home base and not having tools when something goes wrong with your bike. You can pack a few tools from your toolbox, or order one of the many quality multi-tools available.

Don’t Mess With Hot Weather

Riding in hot weather is no joke, so be sure to get the proper gear to make your summertime riding safer and more enjoyable!

To order your hot weather riding gear today, visit for all of your motocross and off-road gear essentials, click here

What are some of your favorite Hot Weather Motocross riding gear?  Let us know in the comments below >>

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