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Top Mountain Bike Helmets | Warehouse Review

Taking a Close look at MTB Saftey

You already know when it comes to motocross gear and parts, we are the leaders of the industry. What you may not know is that we also carry the best in mountain bike gear.  The most important part of safety equipment for any mountain bike rider is a high quality helmet.  Our very own Nick Wayne takes a look at three of the hottest Mountain Bike helmets that are in our warehouse right now from Troy Lee Designs, 6D and 100%.

Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS Helmet

When it comes to top of the line mountain bike helmets, Troy Lee Designs is at the top with their A2 MIPS helmet. A progression from their popular A1 helmet, the A2 has the added safety of MIPS, or Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, to help with rotational forces upon impact. An industry first dual density EPP + EPS liner that protects against both high and low-speed impacts; this is a helmet that doesn’t take your safety lightly. Add in an adjustable strap and X-Static® Pure Silver comfort liner and the comfort is every bit on par with the protection. This is one of Nick’s personal favorite helmets when on the trails.

6D ATB-1T Helmet

6D turned the motocross helmet on it’s head with their revolutionary ODS in-helmet technology and has now brought that innovation into the mountain bike world with their ATB-1T helmet. Comprised of 2 EPS liners, the ODS system separated by an array of elastomeric isolation dampers that allow the system to sheer and displace 3-dimensionally when subjected to impact. The safest trail helmet on the market today, it is both EN and CPSC certified and has 15 huge air ports so you will not overheat on the trails! Retail: $210.00

100% Altec Helmet

100% has finally thrown their hat into the trail helmet market with their newly released Altec helmet. 100% has designed the Altec to not only be sleek but also one of the safest helmets on the trail today. Utilizing their Smartshock fully suspended rotational system to improve protection by immediately compressing and absorbing direct impacts while allowing the helmet’s liner to move independently from the shell. This reduces energy transfer over a wide range of speeds. Retail Price: $165.00

Shred with the Best Helmets

No matter what type of riding you do on a mountain bike, a helmet is always a given when charging the trails. Make sure you have a good helmet that not only is safe, but also fits your head. BTO Sports carrys a wide array of not only mountain bike helmets, but mountain bike gear and parts for your bicycle. Hit up our website and get before you get out on the trail and get yourself ready to shred the dirt!

Chris Chris Chris
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Known as "Doc" around the industry, Chris has been around the motocross/mountain bike industry for over 15 years. When not writing articles of excellence, he can be found riding his CRF450R at the many Southern California motocross tracks and local MTB trails around the Ventura County area.