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Top Vented Summer Gear of 2019

Vented Gear of 2019

Beat The Heat and Ride All Summer

Around every Spring the respective gear companies will release their Summer or “Vented” dirt bike gear sets for the season. They all vary in material, durability and of course price. We made a video for our YouTube channel, reviewing our featured sets of Summer riding gear, which means they are currently our best sellers at BTO Sports. All very impressive when things heat up while riding, but this guide along with the video will dissect the differences of each of the vented gear sets we reviewed.

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Fox Airline

The Fox Airline gear has been a staple in Fox’s lineup for years as their best option for the hot days. The jersey and pants combined are definitely the lightest in our review. The jersey is quite possibly one of the lightest motocross jerseys you’ll ever try on, it features a moisture wicking fabric that will keep you cool and dry. There are additional vented side panels for enhanced airflow and for extra comfort. The pants have extensive laser-cut perforation panels throughout and even include mesh panels on the calf area. The pants, although very lightweight, offer durability in the critical areas such as triple stitching and double layered knee system with full grain leather inner knee panels.

Overall I have to say it’s the lightest gear set on the market, the jersey and pant fit true to size even with the athletic fit. I am a true 33-inch waist, however the 34 fit spots on. The Fox Airline gear combo is the pinnacle of performance for the heat, even with it being at the most expensive of the brands on our list.

Fly Racing Kinetic Noize Mesh

Next on our list is the Fly Racing Kinetic Noize Mesh gear, which was another impressive set of gear, yet very different in construction from the other gear sets.  The jersey has a relaxed fit material that is very comfortable with a mesh chassis that helps dissipate heat and wick away moisture. The pants really stood out as possibly one of the most durable ventilated pants on the market. Although you won’t see large ventilated holes, what you’ll have instead is a heavily ventilated chassis covered with tiny holes. This combined with the mesh liner that underneath helps keep fine dirt and sand from getting in your pant as well as adds comfort to the pant. There are stretch panels from front to back that helps aid in the freedom of movement as well as adds more ventilation. For the added durability, ultra-durable denier construction and leather heat panels that feature DuPont Kevlar stitching.

Overall we have to say the Fly Kinetic Noize Mesh gear is one of the most durable sets of vented gear on this list. The gear fits true to size, the jersey has a relaxed fit as do the pants. One really cool amenity is the little pocket sown inside the waist, big enough for a key or a few cards. This gear set comes in high on our list, especially due to the affordable price point as one of the best bangs for your buck !

Troy Lee Designs GP Air PreMix

Next on our list is the Troy Lee Designs GP Air Premix gear, another gear set that strikes a great balance between ventilation, durability, and price. The GP Air Jersey is right up there with the Fox Airline as one of the lightest jerseys on the market, but different in construction.  The jersey pretty much has the same material throughout with large-holed mesh fiber polyester material that allows maximum airflow. Has very simple and minimalistic features on the collar and cuffs for comfort. The GP Air pants, like the Fly pants, have a great balance between ventilation and durability. They have a full mesh chassis above the knees for max airflow. The inner knee’s, calf and crotch area have 2-way stretch panels that offer freedom of movement and flexibility on the bike. And of course cowhide inner knee panels for added durability.

The Troy Lee GP Air pant and jersey is more than just stylish, it fits and feels really good on, fits true to size as well. This is another best bang for your buck option on our guide for vented gear.

Thor MX Pulse Air Acid

The Thor Pulse Air Acid gear we have to say was a big surprise to us. Obviously, Thor is really well known for their quality, the unique blend of ventilation, protection and fit helped this one stand out. The Thor Pulse Air jersey has fully perforated panels for maximum airflow. The sleeves are unique as they are set-in, giving the jersey an athletic fit and feel. 4-way stretch collar and cuffs allow for the jersey to perform with comfort. The pants were one of the most comfortable we tried on and similar to the Fly mesh pants vented chassis and also in that it has an athletic mesh liner inside the pant. Flex panels around the pant give you the necessary freedom of movement on the bike. Unlike some of the other pants, you’ll have some room for adjustment with the hip side-cinches. Durable double and triple stitching in the critical areas along with the leather knee panels highlights the protection this pant offers.

Overall, the Thor MX Pulse Air gear was a fantastic surprise as previously mentioned, the athletic fit of the jersey was nice, nonetheless, the gear does fit true to size. Another cool amenity, similar to the Fly pant is that there is an internal pocket in the hip that can hold small essentials like keys or your cards. The Thor Pulse Air gear just had a really nice fit and feel to it that was really impressive

Stay Cool, Get Vented

When it comes to making your decision for vented gear this summer, it will of course ultimately come down to personal preference. Though this guide helps explain the differences between them, what they all have in common is that they will provide you with maximum ventilation. Motocross is a tough enough sport, make sure you keep yourself as cool as possible this Summer!

From Vented gear to standard racewear, BTO Sports is your go-to source for all things dirt bikes and motocross. Don’t wait until it’s the middle of the season, shop and get your gear today!

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