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Trey Canard Rides for Jantz

 Trey Canard Races A1 in Honor of Jantz Grodzicki

Trey Canard competed this past weekend in round 1 of the 2013 Monster Energy Supercross Series. Not only did Trey lead several laps before finishing second place, but he rode in Jantz’s honor with a butt patch that read “4JG96”.


Hunter Weiss from Premier Moto caught up with Trey before the race. He sends his prayers, thoughts, and encourages the family as you can see  in the video below.




Saturday night marked Trey Canard’s return to Supercross Racing after a horrific accident which left him sidelined with a broken back last year at Dodger Stadium. Contemplating quitting all together, Canard pressed through the dark times after questioning his own ability to walk again. Finishing 2nd place in the main event was truly a success for everyone including Jantz, The Grodzicki Family, and for Canard himself.


Trey ran this butt patch in honor of Jantz.
Trey ran this butt patch in honor of Jantz.



Just a reminder for all of you who would like to come out and support Jantz, there will be a benefit ride day taking place at Lucas Oil Mx Park this Satuday January 12th. We would like to encourage all of you to make it out! There will be food, live music, and lots of cool raffle items! Thanks to all the sponsors who have contributed thus far, and to Jim Downey from the Brett Downey Saftey Foundation who just donated a new TV!



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