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2018 Troy Lee Designs Moto Collection | Spotlight

SE Air Polka Dot

The 2018 Troy Lee Designs  Moto Collection has finally arrived! It’s packed with bold & boisterous designs that have created a lot of buzz around the industry. The new gear reflects a number of different inspirations which has resulted in the most Iconic TLD lineup yet! These eye popping patterns will definitely make you the center of attention, whether on the track or on the podium.


Jerseys & Pants

Troy Lee Designs took a different route this time around. The 2018 Moto Collection is fueled by the UNLOCK design concept. The reoccurring color palettes and patterns create a wide range of jersey and pant combinations to explore. Riders are encouraged to mix & match the different gear sets to find their own custom look. For instance, a single jersey may have three matching pant combos (even more if riders don’t care about matching). 

Troy Lee Gp Air Jersey with Mono Pants
Troy Lee Designs UNLOCK (

The GP Air Jersey and the SE Air Jersey lines make their return in the 2018 roll-out, granted with a bit more flash. The jerseys are highly breathable so riders can stay comfortable while they work up a sweat. The large-holed mesh design works in tandem with the moisture wicking material that will keep riders cool while they burn up the track. The coordinating Solo and Mono pants come in solid colors for increased versatility. Additionally, they are equipped with a couple of handy features like the heat resistant shied, and the spacious knees to accommodate a knee brace.

TLD GP Air Maze
Troy Lee Designs GP Air Maze Jersey

Maki Ushiroyama, the head designer at Troy Lee, said the focus of this line was to be “iconic”. He utilized repeating patterns and retro motifs that are iconic to the Troy Lee brand. Polka dots, checkers, stars and stripes are found throughout the Troy Lee racewear line. More eccentric riders might gravitate towards the GP Air Polka Dot, or the Minecraft inspired GP Air Maze (pictured). Alternatively, conservative riders will be drawn towards the old school motocross look of the GP Air Prisma or the SE Streamline.


Riders will be glad to know that the SE, GP, XC and Air Gloves have all been handed an upgrade. Slight graphic tweaks and sharper colors have been added to each of the respective glove lines. The ventilated Air glove received the largest upgrade. Many new colors and patterns have been added to reflect the new jerseys & pants. Riders can now deck themselves out in stars, checkers and polka dots from hand to toe!

Troy Lee Air Glove Polka Dot
Troy Lee Designs 2018 Air Gloves

Troy Lee Designs Casual

The new Troy Lee casual line isn’t as provocative as their racewear, but still has that vintage aesthetic. The new Troy Lee Tees have subdued color palettes and feature hand drawn graphics. T-shirts like the Steady Roller Tee or the Barlow Tee have a nostalgic, back-of-the-drawer vibe that fits well in this iconic collection. With all the brand new looks, you’re going to want to rock the TLD brand around town too. Indeed, Troy Lee always has riders looking their best, both on & off their bikes!

With all the new racewear and SE4 helmets, the TLD 2018 Moto Collection is gigantic. However, this is only Phase 1! The second phase will drop sometime in mid-July with even more adventurous designs, so keep your ears to the ground. You will find all the newest Troy Lee Designs gear right here at BTO Sports!

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