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Troy Lee Designs | 2019 KTM Team Apparel Spotlight

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The newest edition of a familiar bloodline

With Supercross season upon us the energy is ramping up. Teams have finished filling the rider rosters. Logistics have been finalized with the last needed measures. The Mechanics are readying the race support trailers and receiving the last needed parts. But lastly, the supporting team sponsors are solidifying themselves into the historic fabric of these teams both literally and proverbially. With that, the Troy Lee Designs KTM racing team is one of those many groups completing these meaningful tasks. The newest changes made to the team management regarding Roger DeCoster going up the corporate KTM ladder to push factory-backed race efforts means the right someone is in the corner of real commitment. With teams like 4Wheel Parts, GoPro and Method Wheels on board to support the upcoming year’s race efforts so come the new 2019 Troy Lee Designs KTM team official apparel.

Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM rider Shane McElrath

Changes for the greater good

The recent movement of management in the KTM family have made a strong and meaningful long-term change for the team. With Roger DeCoster now taking control of all of KTM North America’s racing activity, KTM is bound to build on the success they’ve made in past years. The riders chosen to chase the title; Shane McElrath, Jordan Smith, Sean Cantrell, Mitchell Faulk, and Jessy Nelson are at the ready. Additions made to the supporting sponsor list make the effort stronger and enable a further grasp on the potential championship. Changes to the team internally mean an equal change with new team apparel including all the past favorites, but adding some previously unseen players.

Troy Lee Designs 2019 KTM Team Tee in White, Black, Vintage Gray Snow and Navy

Showing your support in style

One of the most loved activities in showing up to Supercross is showing your brand loyalty with the apparel you have. Showing your support for the team shows your connection to the sport, especially as a fan. But sometimes, that acute sense of belonging can be cold up in the stands. That’s where the cold weather apparel comes into play. The 2019 KTM Team Dawn Jacket, Pit Jacket, Pullover Hoodie, Zip Up Fleece Hoodie, and Polar Fleece change the game in this sense. Not only do they utilize cold weather tech including moisture wicking, high insulating, lightweight materials, but they also look the part too. More so, this is the actual collection the 2019 KTM Team will be wearing all season long, not a watered-down replica.

From L to R: TLD ’19 KTM Team Pit Jacket, Polar Fleece and Dawn Jacket

Functionality through style

Hats have been one of, if not the staple, in what accessories people buy. They show the same support for the idea you stand for as would a shirt or jacket. But just like a jacket, it’s made for functionality above all fashion sense. For this coming year, TLD KTM added the new support sponsors to the classic snapback. Also adding a curved snapback and limited edition all black strap back version as well. As for the colder nights, the Team KTM Pom Beanie makes another year appearance with updated colorways. In a way, you could say hats are almost more dynamic to wear, being as they’re both cold and warm weather options when cheering on your team.

Troy Lee Designs 2019 KTM Team Snapback in Navy and Charcoal

Results beget results

The bottom line in why we show our enthusiasm for the teams we support is one reason, the result. The result of the rider seeing the appreciation we show in that race effort, hopefully, ends in the result of the win. Styling and accessorizing aside, we show up because we love to be connected to the sport we’ve been a small part of. This is true with any sport really, no matter what the activity. Thankfully, Troy Lee Designs gives the KTM fans a relatable, relevant way to show up for their team. With the 2019 KTM Team apparel available to both team and fan alike, you can really feel like part of the action. Be sure to visit us online or click the Troy Lee Designs 2019 KTM Team apparel links in this article to get your hands on this year’s exclusive collection at!

Troy Lee Designs Team Pullover and Team KTM LE black Strapback Hat

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