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Troy Lee Designs | 2019 Mirage LE Gear

Troy Lee Designs SE Pro Mirage LE Gear Header

‘Tis the season

Try and think as far back as you can to the first race you ever attended. Do you remember the first time you laid eyes on the freshly built track? The smell of the race fuel? How about the crack of the rev limiters at practice? Personally, one thing I remembered was the riders in fresh gear liveries no one had yet seen. This small idea has now become a perpetual part of the motocross culture. Anyone who’s anyone in our industry now makes it a point to bring something special to the new season. Troy Lee Designs isn’t just anyone though. In fact, not only are they a heavy hitter in our beloved sport, they are a juggernaut. Bringing a special release to the Anaheim Supercross season opener has been somewhat tradition from the TLD camp. From the looks of it, they don’t aim to let up on that tradition anytime soon.

Troy Lee Designs LE Pro Mirage and Team Pro Mirage gear combos

Stick to your guns

Knowing what you’re great at is a strength that everyone should strive to know. This is no different if you’re a 9-year-old in little league, or a Pro Rider lining up at Supercross. In that, you should strive to utilize that strength to do what you do, better than anyone else. Now, as saturated with choices as you would think the gear industry is, there are always two roads for us fans; Stay with what you know and love, or go with what’s new that piques your interests. Troy Lee has an uncanny ability to straddle both those very ideals. Not only has the company been able to keep the consumer interested for years, but they’ve also always grabbed our attention with new offerings. This year, building on that almost bulletproof recipe lays tracks to another new release for Spring. Introducing, the new 2019 Troy Lee Designs Limited Edition Mirage Anaheim 1 Supercross gear release.

Troy Lee Designs 2019 SE Pro L.E. Mirage Pant

Learn through experience

Chassis development isn’t really a term used too often out of the automotive industry. But in reality, this concept is just as important in the science of body movement, as it is a car or motorcycle. Our bodies are chassis themselves and have ways to accentuate our performance through what we wear, eat, and how we take care of it. With TLD’s upcoming release, this understanding goes into full effect on the Mirage SE Pro Jersey and Pant. All new lightweight, breathable, minimalist construction make up the jersey. But even more impressive, the pants utilize a new articulated “racer fit” design, laser perforated venting and stretchable fabric that enables that needed race-ready stance. This keeps the chassis shape of the gear and rider’s body in sync for natural movements, as opposed to hindering them.

Tory Lee Designs 2019 SE Pro Mirage and Team Mirage Jerseys

Choices never hurt

Let’s say you want the jersey that you saw on Shane McElrath during the heat races of Anaheim 1. Again, choices come into play, and you may or may not want team graphics printed on that jersey, especially if you don’t ride a KTM. Troy Lee Designs offers both a blank, unprinted Mirage colorway, as well as a Team Mirage option with the sponsor prints. Both jerseys maintaining the same level of technology previously mentioned above, no matter if a Pro wears it or not. This understanding about the consumer, albeit small, makes a big difference to us. We can now go about customizing with custom printing of our own, looking like a factory KTM rider, or clean and simple. Choices never hurt, write that down.

Raising the bar, not just setting it

Safety 101: protect your head over anything else. After all, it IS the control center to the entire body. Over the last 60+ years, manufacturers have made giant strides in protection. These strides, have been mainly concerning what to do, and definitely what NOT to (open-face helmets anyone?). The great thing is, this bar keeps getting pushed higher and higher, with companies driving each other to create the next better, lighter, and safer option. This is all good for manufacturing competition of course, but the real winners here are us, consumers. As the level of technology grows, so does the normalcy of those technologies. In return, protecting your head with a MIPS integrated, carbon-shelled race helmet is at easy reach, when even 15 years ago it was unheard of. The TLD SE4 Carbon Mirage Helmet helps in bridging that gap and offering that race-bred tech at an attainable price. If there’s been one rule a rider should stay within when buying a helmet, it’s don’t skip on paying more for it. It can make all the difference in the world for you, or the ones you share this sport with.

Troy Lee Designs SE4 Carbon Mirage Helmet

Racing into the future

It’s safe to say that our industry has seen its share of tribulations in the time Supercross, Motocross and others have been established. But in comparison, the growth of this sport has exponentially outweighed the growing pains. With companies like Troy Lee Designs among a number of others to help drive the cultivation of motorcycle racing, it keeps the excitement where it needs to be, looking forward. Small actions like fresh gear releases, safety tech advances and listening to consumer trends keeps that excitement present. What we see at and feel at the races while sharing it with the ones we love keeps us attached to the idea that this industry can be even that much better. This TLD limited edition release is such a small piece contributing to the growth of the motorsport iceberg…and we all know what lies beneath the water.

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