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Troy Lee Designs A2 All Mountain Helmet | Spotlight

Troy Lee Designs A2 Helmet Spotlight

The A2  – A Cooler, Faster Trail Helmet

Every year, new gear comes out for Mountain bike riders and for the most part, there isn’t any new features to talk about. New colors or new material is at the top of the bullet points.  Enter the all new for 2017 A2 All Mountain Helmet from Troy Lee Designs.  An avid mountain biker himself, Troy Lee set out to redefine the MTB trail helmets and the result is the A2.

Troy Lee Designs A2 Helmet
The all new A2 helmet from Troy Lee Designs

Releasing the A1 helmet a few years back, Troy Lee Designs entered the trail helmet market with a helmet that was not only better looking than the competition, but also packed with safety features that riders wanted.   All that knowledge was put to use  and the end result is the A2.

A2 All Mountain Safety Features:

The A2 helmet redefines mountain bike helmet safety, style, comfort and ventilation. This is the first helmet in its class to combine EPP (for slower speed impacts) and EPS (for higher speed impacts) in one sleek packages. Seen in motocross helmets for years, this dual density liner makes the A2 one of the safest helmets on the trail to date.

To add to the safety of the A2 helmet, Troy Lee has also included MIPS brain protection system. MIPS, or Multi-directional Impact Protection System, is a revolutionary technology that allows helmets to slide relative to the head on angled impacts.  You can see just how MIPS works by CLICKING HERE

Troy Lee Designs A2 All Mountain Vents
The Large intake ports keep things well ventilated on the A2

For those hot days on the trail, the A2 helmet has the largest intakes ever seen on a mountain bike trail helmet. 25% larger than those found on the A1, these massive intakes connect to equally massive exhaust ports through deep internal channels that provides powerful cooling efficiency for riders.

Fit and Feel:

Troy Lee knows how the helmet fits on the head is very important. All the safety technology is a waste if the helmet doesn’t fit and feel proper. This is why the A2 has been fitted with a rear stabilizer system with flexible, slim arms that have 3 position front/rear locations. This gives a customized fit for every rider.

Troy Lee Designs A2 All Mountain TLD/SRAM Team Helmet
The A2 has a sleek design and is offered in the TLD/SRAM Team Replica.

A X-Static comfort liner is also added to deliver high performance in the A2. It is known for its quick dry moisture-wicking properties and its odor eating capabilities.

The A2 also comes with an additional Fit kit that allows the rider to fine tune the fit of the helmet. Again, if the helmet doesn’t fit properly, it won’t do its job of protecting your head.

When on the trails, vision is imperative to staying out of trouble. The A2 has been designed with an expanded filed of view that doesn’t hinder your sight line on the trails. It is also goggles and glasses friendly for riders that head out on the trails with eye protection.

Evolution of the Trail Helmet:

The A2 Helmet from Troy Lee Designs is the next evolution of the mountain bike trail helmet. From the innovative safety features to the sleek modern design, the A2 helmet is the choice for riders wanting the best protection on their head.  Don’t wait until its too late, get yourself the Troy Lee Designs A2 helmet before you need it.

The Troy Lee Designs A2 helmet retails for $169.00-$175.00 and is available at

A2 Helmet Safety

    • MIPS Brain Protection system, reduces rotational forces to the brain
    • Dual Density Impact liner with co-molded EPS and EPP providing safety at multiple impact velocities
    • Polycarbonate shell with aerospace filament reinforced shell liner
    • 16% extra EPS thickness in frontal lobe impact zones
    • Raised EPS splines for improved impact absorption
    • Anodized aluminum hardware with breakaway technology
    • Exceeds certification standards: CPSC 1203, CE EN 1078, AS NZ 2063:2008


    • 25% Increase in air intake and exhaust port surface are size coupled with deep internal channeling allows ample airflow and cooling efficiency
    • Extra plush comfort liner with hydrolytic foam and x-static fabric for quick dry moisture wicking performance


    • Fixed side strap anchors for a no fuss perfection fit every time
    • Slimline flexible stabilizer arms
    • 13 position adjustable stabilizer at front and rear attachment locations
    • Large eyeport and side clearance for a perfect goggle or glasses fit
    • Multiple configurations for glasses storage
    • Multi-position metalized cam lock adjustable rear stabilizer (60mm horizontal; 20mm vertical)

Additional Features:

    • TLD ultra-breathable helmet bag
    • Accessory sticker kit and extra visor hardware included
    • 3-year warranty

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