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Troy Lee Designs GP Independence LE | Spotlight

For those about to ride, we salute you.

For some, patriotism is diluted to so many shades of gray that it’s hard to remember what it was based in. But for others, those shades are simply red, white, and blue. Showing respect for what you support is exactly that, respectful. When it comes to motorsports, it’s almost tradition to hold military appreciation standards. After all, it’s not just the idea of the military that gets support, it’s our brothers and sisters we love that serve. With that, comes ways in which companies like Troy Lee Designs show their respect, dedicating special releases for races such as San Diego Supercross. As a military hub of the west coast, San Diego the perfect location to showcase new threads coming down the pipeline. Introducing, the newly released and highly anticipated Troy Lee Designs GP Independence Limited Edition riding gear.

These colors don’t run

Really, what better bike than the big red 450 of HRC Honda’s Cole Seeley to show off the new colorway this upcoming weekend? Building on past years, Troy Lee Designs yet again brings a colorful, straight forward design. What’s the point of creating this annual occurrence? Impact. Having personally gotten my hands on this new set really gave me that impression, a viewpoint in which others will concur. There aren’t many ways to show more patriotism than almost literally wearing an actual American flag. With that, driving home the idea I previously stated, impact. Come to think of it, that’s kind of what TLD has become synonymous with. From the looks of it, they don’t look to let up any time soon.

Troy Lee Designs – GP Independence LE Jersey (front)

Straight to the point

Sometimes simplicity is our friend, specifically in limited releases and the number of pieces that make it. This is the strong suit of the GP Independence Limited Edition gear in that there are the jersey and the pant, that’s it. There’s a slight frustration in having to feel required to buy so many other parts to complete a set, not here.  However, what you feel you lack in quantity, you exponentially make up in quality. This isn’t a newbie trying to make a name for itself breaking into this industry, after all. You can rely on the years of experience, technology and care that Troy Lee has brought to the table. Being literally the same gear utilized by factory riders such as Cole Seeley, Shane McElrath and Sean Cantrell, it’s time to take notice.

Troy Lee Designs – GP Independence LE Pant

Fibers of the nation

The paramount feature of the GP Independence gear is actually not the visual appeal, it’s the level of technology. If you put your hands on some, ahem, “other” brands and examine the build quality, just pay attention to the differences you find. Then, look at the GP series gear from Troy Lee. This is essentially the same difference you find when you compare engineering of well known German auto brands to some Japanese; it’s in the build. The GP Independence jersey utilizes high-end micromesh fiber polyester materials, a ribbed stretch v-collar, tapered and angled cuff design, with gel printed drop tail design. As for the GP Independence pant, a newly designed articulated performance fit, ratchet closure waist, leather paneled inner knees and 2-way stretch panels on the knee back, calf, and crotch. The proof is in the pudding…so to speak.

Troy Lee Designs – GP Independence LE Jersey (back)

Red, white, and blew away the competition

Many have come, and many will follow. This is the scheme of things in limited edition releases year after year. The top guys will always give us something special to look forward to, not just a gimick. They’ll continue to listen to our feedback and provide innovation. It’s a beautiful cycle, and having technology surpass itself only makes it better for us, right? Right. This is because we’ll not only be more comfortable and protected, but it’ll also make us say to our buddies 20 years from now, “hey, remember that epic TLD flag gear I had back in the day? That was the business.” No one mentions that kind of stuff about plain white teeshirts…just saying.

GP Independence LE Gear on HRC Factory Honda rider Cole Seeley
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