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KTM Apparel by Troy Lee Designs | Product Spotlight

Troy Lee Designs KTM Apparel for 2016 | Product Spotlight


Troy Lee Designs KTM Apparel: “Made of Fast”


KTM Apparel has always been heavily sought after. Troy Lee Designs is a well known brand in motocross, while KTM dirt bikes are exceptional pieces of race machinery. KTM dirt bikes have been gaining popularity ever since their inception, and Troy Lee Designs has been on a similar trajectory ever since The Troy Lee founded the company. KTM and Troy Lee Designs coming together, has just always made sense. In 2016 Troy Lee Designs has released a brand spanking new KTM apparel line that makes all other dirt bike apparel lines pale in comparison.

KTM Team Clothing

KTM Apparel
From Left to Right: Troy Lee Designs KTM Team Hoodie, Troy Lee Designs KTM Team Pit Shirt, Troy Lee Designs KTM Team Pit Polar Fleece

Troy Lee Designs has really done it this time. Their Team KTM apparel is once again turning heads. Subtle use of the attention-grabbing KTM Orange really makes this line of motocross apparel look professional, while allowing you to represent your favorite dirt bike manufacturer. Be a part of the team with our wide collection of shirts, hoodies, and jackets that are emblazoned with the KTM Team logos. With the introduction of new sponsor GoPro, this motocross apparel line is absolutely incredible looking. Look to BTO Sports for the latest in KTM apparel!

The Troy Lee Designs KTM Team Hoodie, the Troy Lee Designs KTM Team Pit Shirt and the Troy Lee Designs KTM Team Pit Polar Fleece are available right now at BTO Sports!

Fox V1 Camo Helmet– new for 2016

KTM Apparel
Troy Lee Designs KTM Team Snapback Hat

The guys at Troy Lee Designs are professional. You can’t forget the hats when you release a motocross apparel line. With the help of Adidas, Troy Lee Designs has created a handsome New Era hat for their Team KTM Apparel line. Keep the sun out of your eyes, and remind everyone else how much you love your KTM dirt bike with these new hats by Troy Lee Designs. The introduction of the charcoal option this year in addition to the Navy, gives you an extra option to represent Team KTM!

Braaap your way over to BTO Sports to grab the Troy Lee Designs KTM Team Snapback Hat, and check out all our other options in Team KTM Apparel too!

KTM Apparel Team Tee Shirts

KTM Apparel
Troy Lee Designs KTM Team Tee Shirts

What motocross apparel line is complete without the classic T-Shirt? Three color options await you as Troy Lee Designs has made their awesome new design pop on a tee. Whether you have a KTM 350 or a KTM 85, grab this shirt to support your KTM dirt bike anytime you want. Proclaim your love of all things KTM with this subtly designed tee shirt.

Pick out your favorite colorway for the Troy Lee Designs KTM Team Tee at BTO Sports now!

New 2016 KTM Team Backpack by Troy Lee Designs

KTM Apparel

The 2016 Troy Lee Designs KTM Team Backpack is a sturdy beast that can carry all your dirt bike to and from the track, or it can carry all your school supplies wherever your studies take you. Built on a popular Adidas chassis, this backpack has all the makings of a daily use backpack. Made of heavy duty materials and replete with pockets that can carry anything you can imagine, this KTM styled backpack is the perfect vessel for your belongings and for showcasing your Team KTM pride.

Put all your motocross gear in the Troy Lee Designs KTM Team Backpack, available at BTO Sports!

Brand New KTM Team Air Gloves by Troy Lee Designs 

KTM Apparel

The Troy Lee Designs KTM Team Air Gloves are a sight to behold. Lightweight and flexible, this is a race-ready glove that is durable to boot. KTM Gear is always of the highest quality and these gloves are no different. These gloves have grip and feel with a lightweight design. From KTM 65 to KTM 450, these gloves will match your KTM Dirt Bike beautifully.


This KTM Apparel by Troy Lee Designs, along with other awesome Troy Lee Designs apparel, can be found at BTO Sports, along with a variety of other motocross apparel!

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