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Troy Lee Designs SE4 Helmets | Spotlight

2018 Troy Lee Designs 2018 Moto

The Troy Lee Designs SE4 helmets are back and better than ever! Packed with both new and familiar features, these brand new dirt bike helmets are worthy successors to the acclaimed SE4 line. The SE4 Carbon and SE4 Composite both make their return in the 2018 Moto Collection, accompanied by an all new model: The SE4 Polyacrylite! These three helmets combine to give riders a ton of options in the way of off-road head protection.


Troy Lee Designs SE4 Polyacrylite

Riders are used to seeing sky high priced tags on Troy Lee dirt bike helmets, and for good reason too. Troy Lee Design helmets are some of the best in the industry; engineered using the highest quality materials and the latest helmet tech. Enter: the Troy Lee Designs SE4 Polyacrylite Helmet. This brand new helmet is a full $200 cheaper than the SE4 Composite, and $400 less than the SE4 Carbon. The Troy Lee Polyacrylite is available in three different graphic designs: Factory, Pinstripe, and Mono. The SE4 Polyacrylite Mono sells for $235, making it the cheapest Troy Lee dirt bike helmet to date! These helmets allow riders with smaller budgets to enjoy the protection of premium Troy lee Designs helmets. 

SE4 Polyacrylite dirt bike helmet
Troy Lee Designs SE4 Polyacylite Factory Helmet

The SE4 Polyacrylite uses a different type of material than the other two helmets in the lineup. The exterior shell is made from polyacrylate, a hard plastic material that provides excellent protection. It also has slightly more give, making it better suited for softer terrain like dirt. The material is less expensive to manufacture, and is the main reason for the big price difference. The Troy lee Designs SE4 Polyacrylite possesses all the same features as the more expensive models. It still features the triple density EPS layer and the revolutionary Mips brain protection system. Despite the new shell design, it still exceeds DOT, ECE and Snell certifications!

Troy Lee Designs SE4 Composite


SE4 Composite McQueen dirt bike helmet
Troy Lee Designs SE4 Composite McQueen Helmet

The SE4 Composite is the midway point between the Polyacrylite and the Carbon. The carbon fiber and Kevlar blend makes this helmet pretty light and pretty sturdy. It’s not at light as the Carbon, but it’s the next best option if helmet weight is your primary concern. There aren’t any huge changes to the Composite dirt bike helmet for the 2018 model. Why mess with perfection, right? Its available in a few new colors, most notably the “McQueen”. The SE4 Composite McQueen was inspired by the legendary tough guy and motorcycle enthusiast Steve McQueen. Like all SE4 helmets, the Composite is equipped with the revolutionary Mips Technology as well.

Troy Lee Designs SE4 Carbon

The TLD SE4 Carbon made a splash last year as the 2016 Transworld “Motocross Product of the Year”. This Troy Lee dirt bike helmet is definitely the cream of the crop! The carbon fiber shell makes this helmet super light. In fact, it’s the lightest helmet that Troy Lee has ever made. The SE4 Carbon weighs less than three pounds! Don’t let the light weight fool you, though. This motocross helmet exceeds DOT, ECE and Snell certifications as proof of its protective capabilities. This is definitely the premier Troy Lee Designs racing helmet!

Troy Lee Designs SE4 Carbn Helmet


Make sure to check out the full lineup of Troy Lee Designs SE4 helmets! While you’re at, have a glance at the all new racewear from the 2018 TLD Moto Collection!

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