Introducing the all-new V3 Helmet. Its clearly the most complete approach to safety and performance. This is the most technologically advanced motocross protective gear we offer. It builds off its championship-winning heritage with a new highly ventilated design. Not to mention a systematic approach to managing linear and rotational impacts.

The tech-rich update includes an arsenal of revolutionary features. Starting with Fluid Inside® and Fox’s proprietary MVRS. In short, these helmets are worn and refined by the fastest racers on the planet. Because the V3 Solids Helmet is made for motocross champions.

The Flame Red Instinct Boot

As we know, the Fox Racing Instinct Boot is the standard bearer for motocross boot excellence. Since its inception, the Fox Instinct Boot is proving to be the world’s fastest boot. How? By winning the past four Supercross & Motocross Championship Titles!

Here in 2020, the Fox Instinct is better than ever with an exciting new Flame Red colorway to turn the heads. Furthermore, the updated design of these motocross boots makes your path to the top of the podium all the easier. 

Comfort and Support:

  • Insole: The athletic footbed acts as the first stage in Instincts progressive cushioning system. In essence, it is similar to one that you would find in a running shoe.
  • Shank: In the Polyurethane midsole, the shank design is perfectly positioned. So it provides arch support while letting the front of the foot & boot flex for bike interface & walking comfort. 
  • Midsole: The PU (Polyurethane) midsole provides amazing step-in comfort & vibration dampening. The embedded tempered Steel Shank encapsulates in the PU material. Which gives the Instinct footpeg arch support & awesome comfort (Patented Design).
  • Heel: The strategically placed TPU Heel Stabilizer provides heel & arch support.
  • Out sole: Features Fox’s DURATAC rubber compound. Which disperses vibrations from the bike. Also, it provides amazing grip & outstanding durability (Lifetime Guarantee).


  • All new Patented buckle design utilizes a pivoting clasp system.
  • By using a spherical locking head, the Instinct buckle works like a ball & socket joint. The clasp pivots 8 degrees in both directions allowing for automatic natural alignment of the straps.
  • Also, there is an easy to use, smooth operation time & time again.
  • Additionally, buckles move with boot as it flexes.


  • RCI (Ride Control Interface): The entire outsole & medial side of the boot is shaped & textured to provide the rider with unobstructed contact with the bike.
  • LRC (Low Ride Chassis): Gets the riders foot lower & closer to the footpeg. Lower toe box provides easier shifting & better rear brake feel of dirt bike controls.
  • DURATAC rubber compound on the outsole, burn guard & hinge cover is engineered exclusively by Fox’s development team. The goal is to achieve optimal grip with bulletproof durability.

Fluid Movement:

  • FRE Hinge design (Full Response Engineering): Provides a controlled range of movement allowing effortless linear mobility & incredible lateral stability.
  • Patented hinge lock-out stops rear motion before hyper extension.
  • Top of boot gasket creates a secure seal. Velcro was eliminated to offer increased mobility.

Limited Sole Warranty:

  • The DURATAC outsole carries a limited wear warranty. Consult the Users Manual for warranty details.

The Fox Racing Flame Red Instinct Boot is ready for its closeup! Moreover, it has undergone the most extensive product wear testing in the history of Fox.  Additionally, six prototypes & hundreds of test boots over three-years evolve into the Instinct of today. As a result, there is a clear elevation of motocross boot performance. And the color… WOW.

This helmet and boot combination is truly something to behold. Which is to say that the photos do not even do them justice. Because they look so vibrant in person. In short, you really should find a way to at least see them up close!

V3 Prey Helmet @ BTO Sports

In summary, all of us here are wishing all of you out there a fun and safe 4th of July! Furthermore, we highly recommend you consider these special products from Fox Racing. The V3 Prey Helmet looks so good out of the box- you may pass out! So add one to your cart of dirt bike parts and turn this coming weekend into a real Yankee Doodle Dandy…