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Where Will Dean Wilson End Up? | Doc’s Thoughts

Thoughts on Wilson’s search for a ride and BTO poll results

The big question right now in the moto world is “Where will Dean Wilson land a ride at?” With the news of Jeff Ward Racing closing it’s doors last week, Dean-O has been on the streets, looking for a new ride(see photo below).  While it may not reflect where he will actually go, the BTO poll of the week was fun and a good indication where we as fans would like to see Wilson end up.

In the BTO Poll of the week, most of you out there wanted to see Wilson land on Chad Reed’s doorstep of TwoTwo Racing and on the Honda CRF450, with 51% of the vote.  This would be a great pairing as both are good friends and Reed wants a teammate that will be battling for wins.  Wilson has a lot of respect for Reed and with both living in Florida could make a great pair.  Unfortunately, money and equipment might be the hindering factor as Honda has told Reed that they will only supply one factory bike, which would be for Reed only.  Still, I think this would be the dream team that everyone wants to see in the moto world.

Dean-O is on the streets looking for a ride!

Rockstar Suzuki came in second in the BTO poll with 34% of the vote.  Being teammates with Davi Millsaps would be a good pairing and I think Wilson could do damage on the Suzuki.  Still, with the Rockstar Suzuki team’s first venture into the 450 class with Millsaps, I don’t think they have the capital to bring on Wilson as a second 450 rider.

Third in the BTO Poll with 31% of the vote was Red Bull KTM.  This is an interesting one as KTM had discussed the opportunity with Wilson to be Ryan Dungey’s teammate earlier this year.  This to me would be a dynamite team and  be just as strong as the Reed/Wilson pairing.  KTM could still offer Wilson an attractive enough offer that we might see him go orange for the 2013 season.

Is Carey Hart telling us something or is he messing with us? One thing is for sure, Stellar MX is the new graphics supplier to RCH!

The other team that might be throwing their hat in the Wilson ring is the newly formed RCH Suzuki team.   Now with Ricky Carmichael backing, the former Hart & Huntington team might have pull to give Wilson a ride.  With a few big sponsors and Carmichal’s connections, they potentially have the capital to wrangle Wilson on to a Suzuki for the 2013 season .  It gets deeper when Carey Hart posts on his twitter account a photo of an RCH bike with the number 15 on it(see above). It gets even deeper when Wilson himself re-tweets the photo of the RCH bike with his #15 on it.  Could this be foretelling the future or stirring the pot?  Only time will tell, as RCH has their team set with Brock Tickle and Josh Hill currently.  Could they be gathering up enough sponsor money to provide a third spot to #15?  We will have to wait and see.

Being late in the season and riders already signed, the teams where Wilson could land at are very small.  Would he sit out 2013 and wait for a better offer to come up?  For the sake of us fans and the industry, let’s hope not and he finds a solid ride soon!

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