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WMX 2012 – Fiolek Finishes Strong / Wins Title

 After a summer of great racing and tough battles, the WMX 2012 season would come to a close here at Lake Elsinore, Ca. It’s been a highly competitive campaign and the usual suspects were at the top of the leaderboard, which made this finale especially compelling! Ashley Fiolek  came here just a few points off the lead and had her sights on repeating as  the  AMA National Women’s Motocross Champion- she also knew it wouldn’t be easy.  Women’s World Motocross Champion Chiara Fontanesi  strapped up the dirtbike boots and joined the fray here at the finale-  it was truly a who’s who in WMX 2012 here at Lake Elsinore!  It was a battle between Jessica Patterson, Ashley Fiolek, and Tarah Gieger all season long.  And today, the 2012 championship was going to be decided at the final round. Patterson came into the event leading Fiolek and Gieger. No doubt, it was all set up here in Lake Elsinore for a tremendous finish to a very exciting WMX 2012 season.


The qualifying  round saw Ashley Fiolek setting the pace with a time of 3:10:580. FIM Women’s World Motocross Champion Chiara Fontanesi was second – 3:10:773! Third was new sensation Tarah Gieger, then Mariana Balbi, Taylor Higgins, and points leader Jessica Patterson (3:13:957) lurking a few seconds back. The stage was set, and soon the gate would drop and the surge of motocross helmets would streak out in search of ultimate glory. Fontanesi would put on quite the show here in the U.S., winning both motos and the event here at Lake Elsinore. But it was clear that all eyes were on Fiolek and Patterson, wanting to know how the last chapter of this book was going to end.


Without question, this WMX season had become a battle of attrition as much as a battle of riding skill. After crashing out of the Lakewood round of the WMX title chase, and then missing the following round due to a concussion, things were looking pretty bleak for Ashley Fiolek’s chances of repeating as the 2012 WMX champion. Jessica Patterson (Rockstar Energy Suzuki) had the points lead coming into final round, but was also suffering from injuries of her own. So when the gate dropped here at Lake Elsinore, the crowd on hand knew that the last one literally standing  may walk with the trophy. Fiolek would muster a second in the first moto that made it nearly a heads-up points race for the title in the final moto!  And in the last race of the year, a third-place finish for Fiolek combined with a ridiculously untimely DNF for Patterson gave  Ashley Fiolek takes her fourth title in five years!  Here’s a look at the sheet- read ’em and weep:




Overall Results:

  1. Chiara Fontanesi 1/1 – YAM
  2. Mariana Balbi 3/2 – HON
  3. Ashley Fiolek 2/3 – HON
  4. Tarah Gieger – 5/5 – HON
  5. Taylor Higgins – 8/4 – HON
  6. Jacqueline Strong – 6/6 – KTM
  7. Alexah Pearson – 9/7 – KTM
  8. Lindsey Palmer – 12/8 – KAW
  9. Sade Allender – 11/9 – HON

Point Standings:

  1. Ashley Fiolek – 317
  2. Tarah Gieger – 302
  3. Jessica Patterson – 298
  4. Mariana Balbi – 269
  5. Jacqueline Strong – 236
  6. Sara Pettersson – 223
  7. Alexah Pearson – 175
  8. Kasie Creson – 174
  9. Sade Allender – 170
  10. Amanda Brown – 142


So there you have it – a hearty congrats to Ashley Fiolek, who does it again! Another unbelievable season for WMX- can’t wait for 2013.  As we leave you, here’s a vid that shows Ashley a few months back, talking about defending her crown- and she would know!



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