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Women’s Gear Sizing Guide

Sizing Guide to Women's Motocross

A sizing guide for women’s Motocross Gear

For as long as I can remember I’ve worn boys/men’s riding gear. As a female growing up in motocross, I quickly discovered that the sport really limited you on women’s gear selection. If you didn’t like the color pink, you were on your own. Then you would look at the boy’s selection and see a massive assortment to choose from. Next thing you would do is just to guess your sizing and hope for the best.

You would be so excited to receive your package of gear in the mail; Come to find some loose unflattering fit of boys gear you chose and you’d have to roll with it. Back in the day it never bothered tomboy side of me, but as I got older I ventured into trying more ladies’ gear. There were still the same pink and black options just larger sizes for adults.

However, recently I got the opportunity to try on a few options of women’s gear in my correct sizing. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I was able to find a variety of colors in more than just one brand. The difference in the fitment was remarkable and very flattering for a woman.

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Fox Racing Women’s 180 Mata Combo

First I tried on the Fox Racing Women’s 180 Mata Jersey, Pant combo. Wow was I impressed by this gear. When selecting my sizes I typically would choose the most similar size to my regular clothing. I picked my pants size based off of my jeans so I picked a size 4, but with the jersey, I decided to go a size up a size from Small to Medium for comfort. The pants fit great.

There was no extra fabric in places it wasn’t needed and was more of an athletic style fit than I am typically used to. When I went with one size up on the jersey I figured it would be a bit more loosely fitted, however, that as well as a tighter fit which I actually found very comfortable. Definitely the most fitted gear I have worn, however, I found it was a nice change.

O’Neal Women’s Element Shred

Next up was the O’Neal Element Shred Jersey, Pant Combo. I will admit, due to the color combination of the pink and black I was a little hesitant, BUT I was satisfyingly impressed with this gear. Again, I chose my typical clothes sizing when selecting this gear, but this time I did equivalent pant and jersey sizing. Since the O’Neal pants are fraction sizes I selected a 5/6. I found solely based on sizing I would have gone one size down in pants so they would be a bit more fitted.

This jersey was a size small and was loosely fitted. This gear is not an athletic fit but I still found myself enticed by this gear combo. The gear was roomy, the fabric was moisture wicking and comfortable. It has sewn in arm pads for added protection, and if I’m being honest, once it was on the pink color bothered me a lot less than before. This gear was a great alternative to the athletic fit of the Fox gear.

O’Neal Element Men’s Gear

Lastly, for sizing purposes, I tried on a set of the same O’Neal gear in the men’s sizes. When ordering sizes I just went with the smallest options. The men’s pants start at a waist size 28, roughly 2 sizes larger than my own waist size, and the jersey I went with the men’s small. I am only about 5’4 with a petite build so the jersey could have been a dress, BUT it worked. Once I had everything tucked and buckled you almost couldn’t tell that they were a bit larger than I needed. The men’s gear is a great alternative for women because of the enormous variety of sizes and color schemes.

Overall I found the opportunity like a learning experience. I was opened up to some new options that I may not have tried due to my history of women’s riding gear. Due to the past, I had a negative judgment towards women’s gear but with this opportunity, it completely changed my opinion. I have a new lease with women’s riding gear and feel like that may be my next purchase. So ladies, do not feel discouraged like you don’t have options. Work over your hurdles and utilize all of your resources. You may have more options than you think!

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I'm Kristina DeStefano. I started riding dirt bikes at the age of 3 on a PW-50, and it's stuck with me ever since. I can now be found on local So-Cal Motocross Tracks, or on desert trails. Whether it's racing the Women's intermediate class, or freeriding in the hills, any day that I get to ride is a good one. This is one passion I don't think I will ever outgrow.