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Xpedo GFX DH Clipless Pedals

Xpedo GFX DH Clipless Pedals Make MTB Dreams Come True!

The latest MTB parts are always here at BTO Sports. So next time you’re hitting the trails, be sure to hit us up! Because you may just need a new set of Xpedo GFX DH Clipless Pedals to send your bike soaring to all-new heights! These pedals are crafted to make every second on the bike easier, faster and better. Let’s get into it! 

As we all know, Xpedo is making some serious MTB/BMX Gear! For the GFX, Xpedo’s designers went back to the drawing board. Why? To create a fresh new design to meet the demands of the evolving racing styles. To that end, the latitude entry system allows rapid engagement in any condition.

By positioning the front claw upwards you get intuitive, seamless contact with the pedal. Furthermore, the Posi-Fit retention system is fully adjustable for fine-tuning the entry and release. Clearly, these pedals are ‘next level’…

The low-profile, 6061 CNC body with adjustable height pins provide traction and support with any style of shoes. In fact, tapered chromoly spindles roll on three precision cartridge bearings for easy maintenance. Also, a wider Q-factor allows ample clearance between shoe and the MTB/BMX Cranks and/or crankarm.

Especially relevant is that the GFX is available in vibrant Xpedo anodized colors – blue, orange, red, black and oil slick.

Xpedo GFX DH Clipless Pedals Features

Clipless pedals increase your pedal efficiency as you stay connected to the bike. So you probably will want a pair next time you slip on the mountain bike footwear and get ready to blaze some trails! With the Xpedo GFX DH Pedals, your become one with the bike. So instead of pushing as you pedal, you will have as much power on the upstroke as you will the downstroke. This means less energy spent and more power being put to the ground. Greasy speed!

  • A platform, clipless pedal for All-Mountain, Enduro and Downhill use
  • Spring loaded clip mechanism keeps the front claw easily accessible
  • A large cage with traction pins for support whether clipped in or not
  • Forged 6061 aluminum body/cage with three sealed cartridge bearings
  • Posi-Lock retention system with 6 degrees of float (SPD compatible XPT cleats included)

Pedal Features Continued

  • Adjustable release tension
  • Weight: 385g
  • Body: 6061 CNC Aluminum
  • Spindle: Chromoly
  • Bearings: 3 Cartridge
  • Pins: 16 Adjustable height grub pins per pair
  • Cleat: Xpedo XPT (6 Degree Float)

As you can clearly see, these pedals are absolutely loaded with incredible features! These are MTB and BMX Pedals of the highest caliber- so if you are looking for the best, you will be hard pressed to find a better option. 

Xpedo GFX DH Clipless Pedals @ BTO Sports

Next time you need anything MTB or BMX- do not hesitate to call us up here at BTO Sports. Because we have it all and we ship fast. Our reputation precedes us in this regard! Be sure to get your list of MTB and BMX Bicycle Parts right here at BTO Sports to ensure the lowest possible prices and best possible customer service.


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