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Zox Matrix Carbon Helmet | Product Spotlight

Zox Matrix Carbon Abyss Helmet Product Spotlight

Zox Martix Carbon Abyss Helmet | Product Spotlight

The All New Zox Matrix Carbon Abyss Helmet is finally here at BTO.  Are you looking for a top quality helmet to protect your cranium without breaking the bank? Well check out this dirt bike helmet from Zox! The Zox Matrix Carbon Abyss helmet is designed to be an ultra-lightweight helmet that integrates great technological features to ensure your safety.

Zox Matrix Carbon Abyss helmet
The Zox Matrix Carbon Abyss Helmet comes in 7 color variations
Zox Matrix Carbon Abyss
Back of the Zox Matrix Carbon

Zox Matrix Carbon Abyss Helmet

First of all, this helmet is perfect for all types of off-road use. Whether you ride dirt bikes, ATVs, or rip around in your high performance UTV, the Zox Matrix Carbon Abyss helmet is so light you won’t even know it’s there…until you need it that is. Some of you may be asking yourselves “what is Zox?” and might be extremely confused right now. Well, Zox is MTA’s house-brand helmet that is climbing its way into popularity within the motocross world. If you guys don’t know what MTA, well I’ll save you some research. MTA is one of the biggest distributors for Motorcycle Tires and Accessories.

Got it?…Good!

Helmet Construction

Now that we got that out of the way let’s get into what makes this Zox helmet so special. For starters, this helmet is made with a lightweight carbon and fiberglass epoxy resin shell that meets the standards of DOT and ECE. You can’t really  find a helmet that is only $249 and is made from type of material. If you can, it’s probably on sale because it’s a year or two old.

The inside lining of the Matrix Carbon helmet constructed from high quality, moisture-wicking materials that provide you with insane ventilation and phenomenal comfort. This Zox Helmet has an EPS liner that extends down into the chinbar unlike most of the helmets at this price point.  So you can get the most protection possible for a reasonable price.

Here is a quick side note if I may. The eye port on this helmet is slightly larger than average. This is to accommodate for larger riders and enable a perfect fit for most goggle.

Now back to the important stuff…

Helmet Features

The insane ventilation system that stems from the Matrix’s intake and exhaust vents. They are strategically placed on the helmet to allow for maximum airflow to pass through the EPS and inner lining. This ventilation system brings you increased comfort and breathability so even on those hot days you will remain comfortable.

Some feedback that was received about this helmet was that it is perfect for almost any type of riding. This incredibly lightweight helmet was tested by one of MTA’s test riders that had an ongoing neck issue and absolutely loved it, not to mention his appreciation of its lightweight design. Although the Zox Matrix Carbon Abyss helmet is not SNELL rated, it still provides adequate protection as it has passed ECE and DOT ratings.  So, if you are looking for a brand new helmet that is light like a feather, stronger than its competition, and priced at one of the most reasonable prices on the market, then the Zox Matrix Carbon Abyss helmet is one you should take a gander at.

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