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100% - R-Core Pant (Bicycle)

Product Code: 100-percent-r-core-pant
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100% - R-Core Pant (Bicycle)

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100% - R-Core Supra Pant (Bicycle)

 Match your 100% - R-CORE SUPRA JERSEY (BICYCLE) with these 100% - R-CORE SUPRA PANT (BICYCLE) and have a sick new matching set of BMX gear or MTB gear. This top of the line bicycle gear is guaranteed to keep you look great on the track or on the trails this riding season and has great features that separate if from the competition. The 100% - R-CORE SUPRA PANT (BICYCLE) are designed and engineered to protect your legs from debris that can potentially cause harm to your body while at the same time keeping your legs cool with a great ventilation system. This piece of bicycle gear has specific bonded pedal/ drivetrain protection on the calf in case your feet were to slip off the pedals. This ventilation system on the 100% - R-CORE SUPRA PANT (BICYCLE) stems from a stretch-mesh lining that increases the rider’s flexibility and will maximize airflow to keep them from overheating on those hotter than average ride days. These specifically design downhill MTB pants have an enhanced ventilation system thanks to the precise laser inseam perforation. This 100% - R-CORE SUPRA PANT (BICYCLE) improves the comfort of your ride with its inner mesh lining that 100% incorporated to give riders that extra level comfort and keep them on the bike all day long. When you’re done with your day, hang these top of the line BM/MTB pants with ease on their TPR tab located in the back of the pant.

R–Core represents our Downhill DNA with a premier line of technical riding apparel enabling you to attack your run with confidence and style. Crafted from durable, yet lightweight materials.

R-Core is engineered to offer comfort and protection run after run.



  • Polyester 600D construction for ultimate durability.
  • Stretch-mesh venting increases airflow and motion.
  • Laser inseam perforation for enhanced venting.
  • Internal mesh lining provides additional comfort.
  • Adjustable ladder closure for the perfect fit.
  • Zippered pockets for security of essentials.
  • Bonded pedal / drivetrain protection on calf.
  • TPR back tab for pulling or hanging ease.