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This product has been discontinued

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Adidas - ID2 Goggles (Bicycle)

Product Code: adidas-id2-goggles
Adidas - ID2 Goggles (Bicycle) Zoom
This product is no Longer Available

Adidas - ID2 Goggles (Bicycle)

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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Adidas - ID2 Goggles (Bicycle)

Not a fan of typical motocross goggles while you ride your MTB or BMX bike? Adidas has brought to you a whole new line of Mountain Bike and BMX goggles to choose from! The Adidas ID2 goggles are here at and are available in multiple color schemes! Don’t hesitate to purchase these goggles either, they are equipped with state of the art features that make them one of the best BMX/MTB goggles out there and thanks to the new lens technology you can keep your focus forward all day long. Adidas has designed these ID2 goggles around one thing, PERFORMANCE! Without a high performing goggle like the Adidas ID2 you might as well just stay home. These goggles are designed to be a sleek looking goggle that has a two part construction to ensure a perfect fitment with any helmet.

The spherical lenses provide you with a large field of vision that will not fog up as they come standard with anti-fog lenses. The new part of their lenses is that is becoming a standard in their line of goggles and sunglasses is the LST technology. This enables the lenses to have a color equalizer that enhances the perception of the primary colors and reduces the strain on your eyes. Don’t get caught without the Adidas ID2 goggles this season and get yours now!

Adidas - ID2 Goggles (Bicycle) Features:

  • Sleek-looking goggles incorporate a clever two-part construction for the perfect fit with any helmet
  • Spherical lenses give a huge field of vision that remains fog-free with anti-fog lenses and waterproof foam pads
  • Features Climacool dynamic ventilation, Vision Advantage polycarbonate lens, and are compatible with prescription lenses
  • LST, light stabilizing technology, lenses works like a color equalizer which enhances the perception of pure primary colors, creates less eye strain, and are perfect for sports that take you in and out of shaded areas. This results in an improved color perception and high contrast vision
  • Includes microfiber storage bag