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Leatt Mountain Bike and BMX Gear Combos

Leatt Bicycle Gear Combos

Leatt is an off-roading company that produces a wide variety of protective equipment, gear, and accessories to motocross, dirt bike, mountain bike and BMX riders around the world. Their products are lab tested and proven to help keep riders safe.


Leatt History

Back in 2001 the founder of Leatt, Dr. Chris Leatt, had an eye opening and life changing experience as he witnessed one of his good friends, Alan Selby, pass away. This is just a week or so after Chris Leatt’s son began riding so Dr. Leatt quickly began conceptualizing and designing prototypes for a neck brace. As time moved on and the braces began making a name for themselves, these products were awarded “Product of the Year” by Racer X and were awarded a 5 out of 5 star product rating from Motocross Action magazine. This was back in 2007 and at that time, these Leatt neck braces were revolutionizing the motocross industry; David Bailey, a motocross legend, made a video that encouraged the use of Leatt neck braces and made these one of the most highly demanded products on the motocross market. After this rise in demand, Leatt began to produce gear for bicycling and quickly began making new products for various types and styles of riding.

Leatt now produces multiple types of protective gear and accessories for motocross riders, road racers, cyclists, mountain bike riders, and winter sport athletes. Testing their products in their Leatt Lab, Leatt strives to provide action sport enthusiasts with some of the best gear on the market to keep them riding safe. The Leatt Lab is located in Cape Town, South Africa and is the home of the research and development team for Leatt. By conceptualizing, testing, and redefining their products, they are able to create state of the art protective gear that incorporates some of the best technological advancements, Leatt is able to provide riders around the world with high quality, race performance gear they can rely on.

Leatt Bicycle Gear Combos

Along with protective products, Leatt also has established a line of bicycle gear that gives riders a sick new look on the bike. Some of the Leatt Mountain bike and BMX gear that is available here at BTO Sports is the DBX 5.0, 4.0 Ultraweld, 3.0, and the 2.0.

Leatt DBX Gear Combos

The DBX 5.0 Jersey and shorts are designed with key features that make it one of the best lines of Leatt bicycle gear combos on the market. The Jersey features wind block and dirt/water repellent coated chest, arms, and sides to keep the rider warm and comfortable during the colder ride days. Along with that feature, the Leatt jersey is also equipped with brush guard reinforcements on the elbows, bonded seams and reinforced stitching, and a tailored stretch fitment that provides adequate comfort, support, and durability. The Shorts feature a three-layer HydraDri shell that also has dirt and water repellent qualities. They are pre-curved with a tailored fit in the seat area to provide riders with maximum comfort and reinforced brush guard knees to help increase protection. This Leatt Bicycle gear combo has everything you need to get the most out of your riding experience.

DBX 4.0

The DBX 4.0 Ultraweld Jersey is an ultra-lightweight four-way stretch mountain bike and BMX jersey that incorporates MoistureCool Wicking mesh fabric with air channels. The jersey is reinforced with brush guards on the elbow, tape bonded seams and bar tack stitching to increase comfort and support. Along with that, the jersey is designed with an athletic stretch fit to improve the fitment if the jersey is used with body armor protection. This bicycle gear combo has shorts that are made with a soft shell that is water resistant and has a four way stretch material that is dirt and water repellent. These Leatt bicycle shorts are pre-curved with a tailored 3D shape that prevents snagging and increases comfort. Along with that, the DBX 4.0 bicycle shorts from Leatt have laser cut ventilation system that provides adequate airflow. Available in 3 different colors these mountain bike or BMX gear combos should not be overlooked.

DBX 3.0

The DBX 3.0 comes with couple less features than the 4.0 and 5.0, but are designed with everything you need to ride in style at a reasonable price. The Jersey still has the MoistureCool wicking material, a stretch fit to allow the riders to fit body armor under the jersey, and also features a microfiber goggle wiper in the pocket. The Shorts that come with the DBX 3.0 gear combo are designed with a lightweight four way stretch shell, pre-curved tailor fit, 500D 3-layer laminated material in the seat area, and a rear ventilated stretch mesh yoke. This gear combo is equipped with everything you need to stay protected on the track or trails.

DBX 2.0

Lastly is the Leatt DBX 2.0 gear combo. This gear combo is the most bang for your buck gear combo out of the four. The jersey is made from cotton-feel Rayon material which gives you a comfortable jersey that is breathable and stretchy. It incorporates the MoistureCool wicking fabric for ventilation and overlock stitched seams to help increase comfort, and durability. Along with all of that, this gear still incorporates the stretch fit for using body armor, neck collar design for the use of a neck brace, and the microfiber goggle wiper. The Shorts that come with this combo are the same as the 3.0 as the feature the soft shell lightweight four way stretch material, pre-curved tailor fit, soft touch 500d 3-layer seat area, and ventilated stretch mesh yoke. If you have any questions regarding these products, contact us via email, telephone, or use our live chat feature and we will do our best to provide you with everything you need to complete your purchase!

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