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BMX rims and Mountain Bike Rims

Bicycle Rims

BTO Sports wants to help keep your time in the garage minimal and boost the hours spent outside riding to a maximum. With that, we have a new selection of mountain bike, BMX, and bicycle rims for you to roll on. These rims are made from some of the top companies around the world so you can choose from some of the best products possible.


BMX Rims

Here at BTO Sports we specialize in the world of off-roading, but that doesn’t discourage us from providing our customers with Bicycle, BMX, and other cycling products. We strive to provide our customers with high quality, race performance products and gear such as BMX rims.

Types of BMX Rims

We have a great selection of bike rims to choose from that are manufactured from top companies like Sunringle, Box, Alienation , and Speedline . These companies produce high quality mountain bike and BMX rims. Let’s dive into what makes differentiates these products, and why you should choose them over their competition.

Box Bicycle Rims

The Box Rims here at BTO Sports are a 20 x 1-1/8” rim that comes in sizes ranging from 24, 28, and 36 inches. Box makes produces the Focus rims that are made for BMX riders looking to trick out their BMX bike and give it a look that is one-of-a-kind. Box manufactures these rims with a no-nonsense low-profile design that eliminates the use of excess material. This manufacturing process allows these rims to be incredibly lightweight; in fact these are some of the lightest double-wall BMX rims on the market. Making them able to withstand the hard impacts that BMX bikes go through is the machined sidewalls and single eyelet. Available in multiple colors, you can pick and choose which rims are going to be perfect for your BMX bike.

Sunringle BMX rims

The Sunringle, Sun Envy front and rear rims are sold separately, but don’t worry because they are currently on sale for a great discounted price. The Sunringle Sun Envy BMX rims are made to decrease weight, increase durability, and provide you with a sick looking bicycle. They are available in 20” and 24” diameters and come in a wide variety of colors! They are front and rear rim specific so make sure you are purchasing the correct one before checking out. What makes these different than the others is that the rear rim features a Total Control Brake, TBC technology, which incorporates a welded seam that is finished with a precision machine brake surface. Weighing in at 13.9oz, these rims are incredibly light weight and the double-wall helps to increase durability and strength.

Alienation Bike Rims

Alienation BMX rims are made for people looking for a ready to race tubeless rim. These BMX rims are double-walled rims as well and incorporate an I-beam support to help structural rigidity. These rims are compatible with most, if not all, tires so if you’re looking for a reliable bicycle rim these are the way to go!