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Fat Bike Tires

Tires for Fat Bikes

Mountain Bike tires are being revamped with new technology, better traction knobs, and multiple companies are now beginning to produce the Fat bike tire. These are made by various companies and BTO Sports has a good supply for our customers to choose from!

Fat Bike Tires

If you are a BMX or Mountain Bike enthusiasts, you are going to love these tires. Designed specifically to provide bicycles with better traction in soft riding conditions, these tires are a great alternative to your slimmer, and sleeker standard bike tires. We have a great selection of fat bike tire companies to choose from like Maxxis, Vee Rubber, Kenda, Halo and Arisun. Let’s dive deeper into each one of these tires and find out exactly what makes these tires, Fat Bike Tires.


The Arisun Big Fatty Tire is designed with a unique tread pattern that allows you to acquire the best traction in almost any condition. These tires for fat bikes give you the ability to “float” over snow pack ground without compromising traction or steering control. The end result is that you get to ride your bike virtually anywhere without losing confidence or have to worry about whether or not it was a good idea. With the Arisun tire for fat bikes, you can give yourself the ultimate riding experience!

Tires for fat Bikes

The Halo Nanuk fat bike tire is a lightweight bike tire that provides you with adequate traction in sand, mud, dirt, and the snow. These tires for fat bikes are designed with a low profile tread that helps decrease the weight without compromising traction or steering stability thanks to the spearhead tread pattern. Along with that, the Halo Nanuk Fatbike 26” tire has a 70a rubber compound, which is a common durometer that is used in your typically running shoes, for the black compound and a softer 55a durometer for the white compound. Needless to say, these tires will keep your wheels rolling and increase your riding experience with every rotation of the pedals.

Other Fat Bike Tires

The Kenda Juggernaut Pro fat bike Tire are an affordable tire for fat bikes that are lightweight and perform best in dirt or light snow riding conditions. These tires will provide you with optimal traction in these conditions so you can ride almost anywhere the road, or trail, will take you. The Tread blocks are interconnected for added knob integrity and the tread compound is made with a 60 tpi casing (this is the optimal rating for mountain bike use). This is a tubeless fat bike tire that is ready to ride every day of the week.


The Bulldozer from Vee Rubber is a more aggressive tire for fat bikes that features transition knobs that give you the perfect amount of cornering bite. Along with that, these tires have a 120 TPI rating that makes these optimal for rolling around the streets, by the beach, or anywhere around tire. Although these tires have a higher 120 tpi rating, they are still great fat bike tires that can be utilized on and off the road. These are tubeless tires that are definitely worth the money!


Lastly, the Maxxis fat bike tires are the cream of the crop. These tires will trek through multiple terrain surfaces, but are best on hard packed to medium terrain. These tires are fitted with the EXO casing which increases their resistance to punctures and flats. When hitting the downhills or mountainous trails, you definitely don’t want to be stuck out in the backcountry with a flat and have to push your bike back to the car. The 120 TPI casing makes these great tires for on road use as well and their dual compound increases their rigidity. If you have any questions, shoot us an email, give us a call, or use our live chat feature to communicate instantly with a sales rep for rapid answers.

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