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This product has been discontinued

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Race Face - Turbine R Front Wheels (Bicycle)

Race Face - Turbine R Front Wheels (Bicycle) Zoom
This product is no Longer Available

Race Face - Turbine R Front Wheels (Bicycle)

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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Race Face - Turbine R Front Wheels (Bicycle)

The Race Face Turbine R Front Wheel is the pinnacle of mountain bike wheel design. Race Face set out to design a new wheel, the goal was simple, “Make the wheel we want to ride.” We proudly introduce the Turbine R wheelset. R is for rally. The Turbine hub features large oversized flanges and outfitted with larger bearings as well as a wider bearing stance. The Turbine R rims feature wide 30mm internal width and a 4.5mm offset that improves spoke balance and the overall stiffness of the wheel. The freehub on the Turbine R rear wheel fesatures 6 double tooth pawls with 3 engaged at a time, that roll through 120 points of engagement. Designed for XC/Trail and enduro riding, the Race Face Turbine R Front and rear wheel set is a great upgrade from the stock wheels that came with your bike. From strength, performance to overall looks, the Turbine R wheels will keep you riding the trails all season long! Available in standard and boosted sizes to match your bike. For riders that are looking for the most technologically advanced wheel, the Race Face Turbine R Front wheel will elevate your ride!

Learn More about the Turbine R Wheels Technology: Turbine R Tech Document (PDF)


  • Intended use: XC/Trail/Enduro
  • All new hub and lightweight; Fast Engaging
  • 120 points of engagement (3 Degrees)
  • 30mm internal width tubeless ready rim
  • 27.5" - 1730 grams front and rear
  • 29" - 1815 grams front and rear
  • Weight: WHEELSET 27.5” 1730g, 29” 1815g
  • Rim Dimensions: HEIGHT - 20MM, INTERNAL WIDTH-30MM
  • Spokes:28 SPOKE, 3X PATTERN

Hub Features:

  • Large oversized flange for improved bracing angle
  • Larger bearings
  • No bearing adjuster
  • Wider bearing stance
  • 6 double tooth pawls (3 engage at a time)
  • 120 points of engagement (3 degrees)
  • Each pawl has its own spring
  • Balanced spoke counter bore

Rim Features:

  • 30mm Internal width tubeless ready rim
  • 4.5mm Offset – Improves spoke balance and wheel stiffness
  • New stronger alloy for highest impact resistance of any Race Face or Easton rim
  • High gloss black water transfer logos