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Time - ATAC MX 6 Pedal (Bicycle)

Product Code: time-atac-mx-6-pedal-bicycle
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Time - ATAC MX 6 Pedal (Bicycle)

Looking for some new pedals to complete your new bike set up? Check out the Time - ATAC MX 6 Pedal (Bicycle) at! These Time bike pedals are some of the lightest and most durable Time Atac pedals on the market and will give your bike a flashy look with their white color tone. The Time - ATAC MX 6 Pedal (Bicycle) is equipped with great features that make it an easy to install time bike pedal, while remaining lightweight, durable, and reliable. The Time - ATAC MX 6 Pedal (Bicycle) come with an oversized hollow steel axel that increases the durability of these ATAC MX 6 pedals while at the same time keeping it incredibly lightweight. Thanks to the composite body that constructs the Time - ATAC MX 6 Pedal (Bicycle), along with the hollowed steel axle, these Time bike pedals are weighing in at only 190 grams per pedal! These Time - ATAC MX 6 Pedal (Bicycle) are ultra-light and thanks to the fusion of technology and reliability you can count on these self-cleaning time bicycle pedals to keep your charging the downhill trails, or tearing up the BMX track! If you are in need for a new bike pedal for your mountain bike or BMX bike, look no further than the Time - ATAC MX 6 Pedal (Bicycle). The Easy engagement and step-out system makes hoping on and off your bike easy, while ensuring your feet will stay safely attached to the bike.  Try them out for yourself and pick up a pair today! Thank you for shopping at, we appreciate your business!

Tech Details:

  • MX 6 features oversized CrMo axle, lightweight composite body
  • Auto Tension Adjustment Concept for easy engagement and dependable release
  • Self-cleaning double sided step in with wide entry area
  • Included ATAC cleats offer 6mm lateral float, 13 or 17 degree release angle
  • spindle: CrMo
  • size:  9/16"
  • color: black
  • weight: 380g