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This product has been discontinued

This product is no Longer Available

Air Cell Racing - Air Cell Fork Control System

Product Code: AIRCELL

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

For further assistance please contact our expert sales staff at 805-777-7601 or email us at [email protected]

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Air Cell Racing - Air Cell Fork Control System

AirCell Engineering is proud to introduce the new scientifically designed fork air control chambers for your motorcycles. Termed "AirCells", they actually control the air pressure (air springs) in your forks during riding. Unlike hydraulic fluids (oil), air can be compressed and it is this unique property, which AirCell uses to provide the rider the capability to adjust the plushness of the forks. Unlike the competition, AirCell's unique design and our adjustable air compression damping valves, built-in automatic oil return system equalizing the air pressures of both forks, and no-hassle installation (no drilling or tapping of the fork caps) have sparked a great deal of interest in the Off-Road motorcycle industry. The Aircells make a great deal of difference in the performance of your forks (stock, re-valved or the high dollar “works forks”). AirCels improve the ride, stability, cornering, control and greatly reduce deflections from rocks and tree roots. If you are looking for a simple, no-hassle way of improving the performance of your motorcycles , look no further.

    Solved the front end issue on KTM 200


    I read about these being use on a KTM 200EXC and since it was the same as mine I tried it. Previously I had a 2001 KTM 200 and like the 2007 model I now have it would wash out on the front end in soft sand or loose dirt at low speed and had to be ridden accordingly. I installed a steering dampener and it gave more confidence but it was not until the air cells were installed that I got total confidence in the front end. With the current setup it is still unbelievable every time I ride - it is so sure footed. As a result I end up doing stuff that would previously seem to be too much of a risk at speed.


    Perth, Australia


    i would buy this again


    great product you feel the difrence right away.




    I would buy this product


    Very easy to install and they work.




    I Love it


    Very good product I buy one to test it , it's improve my KTM WP performance, and the bike go great , I take another 2 pairs for the other KTM bike of my park. there are two years i use the first I tested an I had never problem with the clamp




    Fit's not really good


    Hi im fron Germany. The clamps do not fit. I have to make my own clamps. I would not buy this an second time.

    MX freak

    Böblingen, Germany


    air cell


    the air cell product is great my bike handles better and my arms thank air cell but when i got my product it was opened and some of the install instructions where blacked out with a marker??"


    kingsport, TN US

    The only bolt on suspension accesory


    I do off road racing and mx for 17 years and have tried every form of suspension tricks to improve but AUR CELLS is the only product that is easy to fit simple to adjust,can be used on any mx bike and it works.I came across the air cells in South Africa and decided to give them a try. Instant improvement in handling of the front end. Most noticeable in braking bumps and rocky offroad tracks.It eliminates tank slap and keeps the front wheel planted to the ground through any corner. Around the mx track everyone who tried the air cells was 9/10 of a second to a second quicker on a lap, without doing any set up on the air cells.Once you gain confidence and learn the benefits of the air cells your time will increase even more. I definitely recommend air cells as a part of a winning combination."

    Hylton Smith

    Doha, Qatar



    great stuff!!! my bike handles hard hits and never bottoms out, thanks to the added oil that I now carry in my forks"

    Bill patterson

    milton-freewater, ore usa

    Air Cell Racing - Air Cell Fork Control System

    4.4 8


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